Goalkeepers with Most Goals Record Still Hold by Rogério Ceni with 131 Goals

Goalkeeper Most Goals

The most prolific goal scoring goalkeepers are those who take penalties or free kicks. Other occasions where goalkeepers sometimes score include set pieces where a goalkeeper joins an attack as a team is chasing a goal in order to prevent a defeat. Rogerio Ceni and Luis Chilavert two most attacking goal keepers for the clubs and national teams, lead the list Goalkeepers most goals.

Name GoalsTeamYear
Rogério Ceni131São Paulo1990-15
José Luis Chilavert67Sportive, Paraguay1982-04
Johnny Vegas Fernández45Peru1997-17
Dimitar Ivankov42Bulgaria1996-12
René Higuita41Colombia1985-09
Hans-Jörg Butt32Germany,Bayern Munich1994-12
Misael Alfaro31San Salvador1988-10
Dragan Pantelić26Yugoslavia1971-85
Fernando Patterson26Costa Rica1993-12

Rogério Ceni : Brazil : 131 Goals:

Goalkeeper With Most Goals

Rogério Ceni is a Brazilian football manager and a former player who is the current manager of São Paulo. He considered one of the all time best Brazilian goalkeeper and is recognized by the international football federation as the goal keeper to have scored the most goals in the history of football. He scored 131 goals in 1257 matches during his career, with most of them coming from the penalties.

José Luis Chilavert : Paraguay : 67 Goals :

Goalkeeper With Most Goals

José Luis Chilavert is a Paraguayan former player who played as a goal keeper for sportive ,guarani and Paraguayan football national team. He made his football debut with Sportive Laqueno. After that in 1989 he played for the Paraguayan team for the first time. He is on second spot to score most goals in penalties, scored 67 goals in his whole career.

Johnny Vegas Fernández: 45 Goals : Peru:

Goalkeeper With Most Goals

Johnny Vegas is a Peruvian former professional footballer. He is currently 3rd highest goal scoring goalkeeper of all time. He scored 45 goals on the penalties and 9 on outfield .

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