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Greatest Rivalries In Cricket


Top 5 Greatest Rivalries In Cricket | Pakistan vs India Is The Biggest Rivalry

Cricket is one of the most entertaining sport of the world and the rivalries add more fuel to the fire. England and Australia are the oldest rivals in every field and the same continues in crickets. Both nations have deep roots of enmity that go through The Ashes as well. Here are the complete details about the greatest rivalries in cricket that exist between different nations.

Greatest Rivalries In Cricket

Top 5 Greatest Rivalries In Cricket

Whatever the cause, rivalries are a great source of fun and entertainment for the fans and cricketing world. The passion of the players while playing against their rivals and the excitement of the fans are enough for broadcasters to receive record views. Below are the famous and greatest rivalries in cricket.

5 – Who Is The Best?

The rivalry exists among all the nations as all look forward to rule the cricket world across all format. The team who sits on the too, considered as a rival by all the other teams. And beating the best has its own taste and appreciation. The new tournaments have increased the thrill as different nations play against each other for becoming the champion. Thus, it adds more fuel to the fire.

4 – West Indies vs The Ashes Countries

There are many causes of this rivalry. One of the top one is color discrimination. The color difference of these nations always put the pressure over the West Indians. While the other cause hints back to the 1980s when the controversial decisions against the black storm caused the rivalry between these nations.

Although black storm is no longer back in the cricket as their performance is not up to the mark these days. However, the rivalry still exists and fans always look for thrilling matches between these sides.

3 – Australia vs South Africa

Aussies are considered as the most fierce team of the world cricket as they have battled with every team in the past. However, a heightened rivalry started between the two when both teams met on the Australian soil in 2008. Africans dominated the Aussies brilliantly and became the first team to beat Australia on its soil.

Afterwards, a great clash took place between these nations. Recently in 2018, Australia went for a tour to South Africa where the famous ball tampering incident captured live and three Aussies suffered a ban.

2 – England vs Australia

England and Australia are the oldest cricket enemies and their rivalry dated back to 1800s. Cricket started from English soil however ruled by Australians. The bitter fact rooted a rivalry among them.

The first test match was also be played between these nations. Ashes is one of the greatest cricket event considered after world cup. Both nations always try their best and look for the best squad to win the historic trophy. No doubt, Australian again dominated here in the winning records at the mega contest.

1 – Pakistan vs India

The match for which the entire world always wait for is Pakistan vs India. The sub-continental harsh rivals always fight like the Ninjas to win the battle in the ground. No doubt, Pakistan have dominated the winning records in Test and ODIs. However, they are far behind in the World Cups.

The rivalry between these two started in 1947 when the two nations got separated and the roots went through the cricket as well. No matter which team win, the match is always a golden chunk for the broadcaster as it break all the records of TV viewership.

All these are the details about the top 5 most famous and greatest rivalries in the cricket history. Further updates will be available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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