Highest Paid BKFC Fighters | Arnold Adams & Paige Vanzant Hold Expensive Contracts With Promotion Worth $250k+ Per Fight

Highest Paid BKFC Fighters

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has made a serious impact over combat sports fans since its inaugural in 2018. Sponsorships and TV broadcast deals have introduced it globally and helped in increasing the market value of this newly created industry. Many known faces are now competing in this promotion and earning handsome figures. Here are the complete details about the highest paid fighters in BKFC as they are bagging huge guaranteed purses from a single appearance.

Highest Paid BKFC Fighters

1 – Arnold Adams: $250k

With the guaranteed base salary of $250k, Arnold Adams is on the top of list. He is the current champion under Heavyweight category at UFC and is going to defend his title against Alan Blecher in upcoming events. Arnold will also grab the share of pay-per-view revenue for his appearance in title fights.

2 – Paige Vanzant: $200k

Paige Vanzant is the highest paid female professional at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and 2nd in the overall rundown. After leaving UFC, she has made enormous efforts and is now pocketing $200k as guaranteed purse. Moreover, there is also a PPV share revenue available for her when it comes to big fights.

3 – Luis Palomino: $150k

Luis Palomino is the current Lightweight and Welterweight champion for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. He is the first BKFC fighter to do so. The Peruvian professional is also holding an expensive contract with the promotion and takes home $150,000 as the guaranteed match fee besides the sponsorship and other bonuses.

4 – Alan Belcher: $100k

The former mixed martial artist is currently performing as bare knuckle fighter and is present at 4 in the list of highest paid fighters at BKFC. Alan Belcher is fighting under the heavyweight category and has signed the contract to appear in big title matches. One of his biggest campaign in against Arnold Adams at BKFC 36.

5 – John Dodson: $75k

After having a successful career as a MMA fighters, John Dodson started fighting as a bare knuckle professional in 2022 and joined BKFC. During his first appearance at BKFC 28, he pocketed $75,000 as a guaranteed base salary besides any other bonuses. As per contract, he will only appear in the major pay-per-views.

6 – Lorenzo Hunt: $45k

Lorenzo Hunt is a simultaneous champion under two weight classes in BKFC. He has won the cruiserweight championship followed by light heavyweight title. After signing a ludicrous contract, Lorenzo is pocketing $45,000 for a single match appearance in the BKFC event. While the PPV revenue will also be added when he will enter new championship fight.

7 – Christine Ferea: $22.5k

The American bare knuckle fighter Christine Ferea is currently competing under the flyweight category at BKFC and is holding the championship title. She appeared in 7 matches so far and has won 6 out them. Ferea is getting the guaranteed base salary of $22,500 for a single match. While the PPV sales revenue is also available for her during big matches.

8 – Taylor Starling: $20k

Former pro MMA fighter is now making her career in BKFC and is fighting under the flyweight category. She appeared in many big matches and also fought against Ferea but couldn’t able to knock her out. However, she takes home $20,000 as guaranteed salary. While the new contract will earn her a chance to appear in mega events.

9 – Ryan Benoit: $20,000

Having competed for multiple MMA promotion including the likes of UFC, Shark Fights and MFC, Ryan Benoit is currently the part of BKFC. He competed under the flyweight category and is making his way to become the best in business. Ryan is having the guaranteed base salary of $20,000 for appearing in the event. While there is a huge bump expected in his salary during main PPV fight.

Highest Paid Fighters In BKFC

#No.FightersGuaranteed Purses
1Arnold Adams$250,000
2Paige VanZant$200,000
3Luis Palomino$150,000
4Alan Belcher$100,000
5John Dodson$75,000
6Lorenzo Hunt$45,000
7Christine Ferea$22,500
8Taylor Starling$20,000
9Ryan Benoit$20,000

Here are the complete details about the highest paid BKFC fighters. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!