Highest Paid XFL Players | How Much They Earn Each Year from Team Contracts?

Highest Paid XFL Players

Following National Football League, Vince McMahon has founded a new league in 2020, featuring American Football competitions and named it as XFL. In no time, the league has received much fame across the globe and TV coverage deals and sponsorships put massive money into this game. Thus, players are also receiving higher payouts. Here are the complete details about the highest paid players in XFL who are enjoying ludicrous contracts with franchises and pocketing massive base salaries.

Highest Paid Players In XFL | Contract Base Salary

1 – Brett Hundley: $200k

The total net worth of $4 million will now surely get a boom as Brett Hundley has signed another ludicrous deal of his career. He will now play as a quarterback for Vegas Vipers and pocket the base salary of $200k, highest money received by any player to the date. Hundley has also experience of playing in National Football League and he attained massive fan following there.

2 – Jordan Tammu: $163,200

After signing the deal with XFL club DC Defenders, Jordan Tammu holds the 2nd position in the list of highest paid XFL players. The quarterback will now pocket the guaranteed base salary of $163,200 for performing in a single season. Moreover, there are also additional bonuses available for extraordinary performances in the field.

3 – Kyle Sloter: $151,765

Kyle Sloter has signed one of the most expensive deal of XFL history and will play for Arlington Renegades. He is mighty talented and has impressive career so far. For his deal with XFL franchise, he will be able to make guaranteed $151,765 per season besides all other bonuses and available endorsements.

4 – AJ McCarron: $137,500

AJ McCarron is among the best quarterback player in American football currently active. He is signed with XFL team BattleHawks and is pocketing the huge base salary of $137,500 for a season. McCarron is also among the highest paid professional from endorsements in the history of this competition.

5 – Paxton Lynch: $125,000

The next man on our rundown is Paxton Lynch who is playing as quarterback in XFL after getting signed with Orlando Guardians. He is one of the best in business and has also played 2 seasons with Denver in National Football League. Paxton is earning the base salary of $125k from his deal with XFL franchise.

6 – Ben DeNucci: $95,000

Seattle Sea Dragons has signed the American Football quarterback Ben DeNucci which has increased their fire power as he is one of the best striker currently playing in XFL. That’s why, he is offered a ludicrous contract and will have his hands on the season base salary of $95,000.

7 – Jack Coan: $80,000

Jack Coan will play the upcoming season as a quarterback for San Antonio Brahamas. Having the current net worth of $3.9 million, Coan earned this from the contract deals with multiple clubs in his career. As per his deal with Brahamas, he will earn $80,000 as a base salary per season.

8 – Brendon Silvers: $60,000

The next man on our list is Brendon Silver who plays for Houston Roughnecks in XFL. Brandon has presented an exceptional show in the field during last two to three years where he made a solid name and improved his worth. Now, he is earning the base salary of $60k besides the endorsements and other bonuses.

#PlayersTeamsAnnual SalaryNet Worth
1Brett HundleyVegas Vipers$200,000$4 million
2Jordan TaamuDC Defenders$163,200$5 million
3Kyle SloterArlington Renegades$151,765$5 million
4AJ McCarronSt. Louis BattleHawks$137,500$2 million
5Paxton LynchOrlando Guardians$125,000$3 million
6Ben DeNucciSeattle Sea Dragons$95,000$5.3 million
7Jack CoanSan Antonio Brahmas$80,000$3.9 million
8Brandon SilversHouston Roughnecks$60,000$4.5 million

All these are the details about the highest paid XFL players. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!