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Hockey World Cup Past Winners: Pakistan Being the Most Successful Team In World Cup History having won 4 world titles.

Hockey Worldcup Past Winners

The Men’s Hockey Worldcup is an international field hockey competition organized by the international hockey federation. The first tournament was played in 1971 and since then its been taking place every four years and cycles between the Summer Olympics. The competition was started to bring the game to global stage as in terms of competitive events it was only limited to Summer Olympics every four years.

Pakistan and India mooted the idea of Hocky World Cup back in 1969 and it took 2 years for it to finalize and Spain hosted the first ever tournament and Pakistan became the first world champions.

Most Successful Team In Hockey World Cup:

Pakistan is the most successful team, having won the tournament four times in world cup history till now. While Netherland and Australia have each won three titles, and Germany has won two titles. Belgium and India both won the tournament once.

As Hockey moved away from natural grass to artificial astroturfs, Pakistan’s stranglehold  began to diminish. Over the last 35 years only one Asia team have won the world and that was Pakistan back in 1994. Before that four of the opening 5 worlds cup were won by sub-continent teams (3 by Pakistan and 1 by India).

Here will be the Hockey World Cup Past Winners List (1971-2018)

1971Pakistan Spain

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