Illegal Sports In The World | Cockfighting | Dogfighting | Street Racing | Base Jumping | Reason Behind Their Banned Is Serious Violation & Injuries

Illegal Sports In World

A sport become listed as Illegal if it turn to be violent or dangerous nature. The two sports which become most popular in illegal sports category “cockfighting” and dogfighting. Any sports will be listed in the category and rejected worldwide if there are dangerous aspects attributed to them and the pain they can inflict on humans or animals. The four illegal sports in the world reported.

The listed Illegal sports are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Human & Animal Abuse
  • Serious Crime
  • Illegal Betting
  • Traffic Violation
  • Serious Injuries (Head)
  • Incident led to death

1: Cockfighting : Popular In ( India, China, Persia)

1: Cockfighting :  Popular In ( India, China, Persia)

One of the famous illegal sports worldwide still going on, is cockfighting. Roosters were trained for the fight. This sport is popular in the ancient times in India, China, Persia, and other Eastern countries. It’s gambling and spectator sport where roosters fight, where people bet on which roosters will win in the small ring. In the modern times there are changes made to the cockfighting, in countries where it still going, sharp items attached to the roosters legs which will bring injuries and pain. It’s first time introduce in Greece, in the time of Themistocles (c. 524–460 BC).

2: Dog Fighting : Popular in Brittan & US

Dog Fighting : Popular in Brittan & US

Organizing dogfighting is offense, but still this sport is popular in some countries. If we see through the history of dog fighting data, it’s reported AD 43 when the Romans invaded Britain. Both sides employed fighting dogs. After the war time, the sport become popular among Brittan’s and later in United State. The dogs were trained when they are puppy. But when the dogs, fight they suffer critical injuries that led to death or serious complication. The injuries’ that led to dogs during the fight are severe bruising, deep puncture wounds and broken bones. Now it’s almost banned in number of countries.

3 : Street Racing : Popular (Pakistan, Italy, Germany)

Street Racing is Illegal all over the world

Street Racing illegal anywhere in the world. Recently become popular recently in countries like Pakistan, India, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, China and Canada. Drift Racing, Drag Racing and Sprint Racing three categories where drivers participate and money generated from the betting system. Mostly drivers caught in street racing action age between (16-25 years). Why it’s illegal, breaking the traffic rules, heavy collision that can bring serious injuries to the pedestrians or led to death. Most popular racings where drivers can test their skills, F1 racing, MotoGP, Rally and World Superbike Racing.

4: Base Jumping : Illegal in all Cities

4: Base Jumping : Illegal in all Cities

Base Jumping is Illegal in almost all countries and cities. This sports comes with serious complication of injuries. Another reason it’s not allowed in any city due to landing, chances of collide with pedestrian’s and motorists. Recently there are allot of incidents worldwide took place when the Jumpers gets access to the high points of building and access the place for the base jump. Kjerag on Lysefjord in Norway reported to be legal base jumping only.

More details regarding to Illegal sports in the world updated. If any other sports banned worldwide due to serious violations.

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