LaLiga Teams Mascots Salaries 2022 | Indi Is On The Top With Per Season Earnings Of $600,000

Almost all clubs in LaLiga have their official mascots, appearing in the stadium during the matches and cheering with the fans. The Spanish league is one of the top tier event in the European Leagues list and is famous for the quality of football and star power. Moreover, the money and entertainment are also the causes of its fame. Here are the complete details about the LaLiga teams mascots and their contract salaries along with the bonuses.

LaLiga Teams Mascots Salaries

How Much Mascots Earn In LaLiga?

Not every two mascots in the Spanish league earn the same. The payouts of the entertainers depend on various reason. Thus, their earnings are also different and total payouts are also not same. The pay scale of theses mascots depend upon the following reasons.

  • Contracts | Different teams sign contracts of different worth with the mascots and thus their earnings vary on the basis of their deals. Some teams sign the contracts to perform only during the match or only in the home games. While the others have contracted to perform in the pre and post match events as well. Thus, the salary will be higher in this case.
  • Club Popularity | The popular a club among the fans, the more mascot will earn. Thus, the fan following of the club also determines the mascots contracts and their payouts.

The lowest earnings of a mascot in a La Liga season can be $100k while the maximum can touch the mark up to $600k.

Highest Paid LaLiga Mascots

The top clubs in LaLiga have signed hilarious mascots and are paying good numbers to them for performing in front of crowd. Below are the details about the highest paid mascots in LaLiga.

1 – Indi

  • Team | Atletico De Madrid
  • Earnings/Match | $550
  • Earnings/Season | $600k

Atletico De Madrid have performed magnificently well in the recent years and is now one of the most money generating club of the Spanish league. Indi is the official mascot of the Atletico De Madrid and is the highest paid mascot in LaLiga. Earning per match fee of $500 for his regular appearances in the stadium. While the per season earnings of Indi mascot reaches $600k.

2 – Groguet

  • Team | Villarreal CF
  • Earnings/Match | $525
  • Earnings/Season | $550k

Villarreal CF is among the most valuable LaLiga teams and thus have signed big names of soccer world. Moreover, they are paying big numbers to their players as well as staff and mascot is no exception. Groguet is the official mascot for the club and is pocketing $525 as a fee per match. While the contract salary of $550k makes him the 2nd highest paid mascot in LaLiga.

3 – Gunnersaurus

  • Team | Sevilla FC
  • Earnings/Match | $500
  • Earnings/Season | $500k

The Gunnersaurus, who represent the team of Sevilla FC, earn per match earnings upto $500 for his appearance in the stadium and cheering up with the fans. Moreover, Gunnersaurus is famous for his hilarious and entertaining actions. Thus, he is very popular among the fans and is holding expensive contract with the club. His per season earnings has crossed $500k.

LaLiga Teams Mascots Salaries 2022

1IndiAtletico De Madrid$550$600k
2GroguetVillarreal CF$525$550k
3GunnersaurusSevilla FC$500$500k
4L’avi Del BarcaFC Barcelona$500$500k
5PalmerinReal Betis Balompie$500$500k
6Valencia CF BatValencia CF$500$500k
7HarrotxuAthletic Bilbao$500$500k
8PericoRCD Espanyol Barcelona$500$500k
9RojilloCA Osasuna$400$470k
10DimonioRCD Mallorca$400$470k
11Pica PicaRayo Vallecano$400$470k
12SISAGirona FC$400$470k

That’s all about the details of the LaLiga teams mascots and their salaries. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!