Top 10 Legendary Athletes Who Played Multiple Sports In Their Career

Top 10 Legendary Athletes Who Played Multiple Sports In Their Career

In the world of sports, there are some athletes who played multiple sports in their careers.

There is no doubt that fans only love those athletes who are all-rounders of one sport. 

But, there are some crazy talented people in the world that break the chain of this stereotype.

However, medical research and studies also show that people who are good at more than one thing are more likely to develop skills compared to others.

But, how many players testify this fact?

Here in this post, we have mentioned a list of athletes who played multiple sports!

Key Takeaways

Athletes Who Played Multiple Sports In Their Careers

1 – Jim Thorpe

Back in the 19s, Jim Thorpe is a notable athlete who developed his interest in playing multiple sports at college in Carlisle.

Jim also had the honor of winning the all-around Championship in New York where he won seven out of ten events.

He debuted as a professional player for his team in baseball sports which is a big hit to his success.

Moreover, Jim showed his interest in football and pursue it with Canton Bulldogs where he won three titles in 1916, 1917, and 1919.

The passion of being a multiple-sports athlete didn’t stop here. Later, Jim created his own Basketball team and played for it.

To confirm his status as the World’s #1 all-rounder athlete, we also came to know that Jim Thorpe once won Ballroom Dancing Championship.

2 – Bo Jackson: One Of The Top-Listed Athletes Who Played Multiple Sports

Bo Jackson is a famous name that we can not forget. 

He is considered the second best-finest all-rounder athlete of all time. Bo Jackson earned huge fame in American Sports, Baseball, and Football.

You will be surprised to know that Bo Jackson got a chance by New York Yankees in the second round of the 1982 Major League.

Unfortunately, he didn’t end well with his football career due to his severe hip injury.

Bo Jackson earned respect as an all-star Game MVP in baseball rushing for 554 yards on 81 carries in seven games only in a single year.

3 – John Elway

John Elway was a Hall Of Fame member who earned numerous records and two Super Bowls despite his football career.

He is one of the greatest players of his time in football history!

Baseball is known as his third favorite sport that he played. At Standford, John set the record of nine home runs and 50 RBIs in 49 games.

When Yankees got an eye on him, they immediately picked him up. 

On the other hand, John played two seasons of the minor-league ball during the summertime of his career.

Considering all his historical records and successful career insights, he deserves to be on #3 on our list of Legendary athletes.

4 – Bronislau Nagurski: Bronko

Bronsilau is also known as “Bronko” elected for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in 1963.

On the sporting news list in 1999, he ranked #33 out of 100 which is quite impressive.

From 1930 to 1937, he played as a professional footballer and even made the largest recorded NFL Championship ring size which is remarkable.

Bronko also had an interest in wrestling so he pursued it besides his successful football career.

He appeared two times in NBA World Heavyweight Championship.

However, there is nothing wrong to keep him on #4 on our list of athletes who played multiple sports.

5 –  Michael Jordan: Legendary Basket Ball Player Once Tried Baseball 

Michael Jordan is a well-renowned Basketball player in the world. But, his father had other plans for him.

He had a very big reason for getting retirement from his Basketball career as his father envisioned him to be a baseball player.

In 1993, he retired from Basketball sport and signed a contract with Chicago’s White Sox minor league team in 1994.

After getting his training in the spring season, he played for Scottsdale Scorpions and Birmingham for one year.

And guess what?

He come back again in NBA Basketball in 1995!

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