Longest Football Players Ban (Diego Maradona 15 Months Due To Drugs)

Football is always often taken as a high morale sport with aggression. Fans love their Favourite players and in return, players try to prove their worth. However, in some incidents, Players get more aggressive to prove their point and receive a ban. There are cases where footballers see kicking fans in the podium or breaching code of conduct. As a result, FIFA awarded these players with suspension. Today, Let’s take a look at Longest Ban Football Players.

#1. Diego Maradona (15 months)

As much as He was famous for his high football skills, he was equally famous for breaching the game code. Almost every fan and official saw two sides of Maradona. One the Amazing Footballer, other the drug fulled man.

Maradona received two bans in 3 years. 1991 and 1994. However, In the 1994 world cup, He was tested positive for drugs.

Hence he received 15 months ban which ended his International career.

#2. Eric Cantona (9 months)

Famous for his ruthless attitude on and off the pitch, Man United and France legend get himself a ban of 9 months in 1995.

Eric Cantona received the ban as he kicked (Kung-Fu style) a Crystal palace fan during the United match. Furthermore, he was sentenced to complete 120 community hours.

Needless to say, His rival quoted his saying “Are you not entertained” when he came back.

#3. Rio Ferdinand (8 months)

Another Man United player who brought shame to the club is no other than outspoken and aggressive defender Rio Ferdinand. Rio Ferdinand was handed an 8 months band in 2003 after he missed a drugs test.

In his explanation, he said he was doing shopping. However, FA sent him to do the shopping for the next 8 months.

#4. Adrian Mutu (7 months)

Another premier league player another failed drug test. Adrian Mutu was banned for 7 months after he tested positive for cocaine.

As a result, Chelsea who wanted to get rid of him for a long time immediately sacked him.

#5. Luis Suarez (4 months)

The premier league doesn’t fail to provide entertainment even if it is not from the match game. Incidents and suspensions go hand in hand in the premier league.

This time, Liverpool player Luis Suarez was awarded 4 match ban. He was banned as he bites Chelsea’s, Branislav Ivanovic.

However, The sharp teeth of Suarez didn’t stop in the league. As he has done it again on the greatest stage.

At the 2014 FIFA Worldcup, He bites Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder. As a result, FIFA banned him for 4 months.

#6. Joey Barton (18 months)

Premier League and controversy exist at the same time. This time Joey Barton was the one who received 18 months ban. He previously served time in prison for assault.

He has been found guilty of violent conduct on a football pitch several times and getting kicked out of Rangers as well.

Due to his impressive CV, Joey Barton was slapped with an 18-month ban from football after years of betting offenses finally caught up with him.

#7. Patrice Evra (7 months)

Not from the premier league, But Ex-Man United payer got banned from Football after kicking a Fan (Must be learned from ex-National and United teammate Eric Cantona).

Evra received 7 months suspension and got sacked by the French club.

#8. Mark Bosnich (9 months)

The Longest Ban Football Players list will be ended with another famous premier league suspension. This time It was luckily not a Man United player.

Mark Bosnich was a Chelsea Goalkeeper who enjoyed taking cocaine more than playing for the club. As a result, FA banned him for 9 months and get sacked by Chelsea.

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