Longest Tennis matches In the History | Record Hold By John Isner and Nicolas Mahut For Playing More Than 11 Hours at Wimbledon

Longest Tennis Match

John Isner and Nicolas Mahut the two hold the longest tennis matches record. The both face each in the 2010, Wimbledon and there match played for three days.

John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut | Singles | Match Time (11 Hours : 05 Minutes) |

Longest Tennis Match

John Isner and Nicolas is notable as the longest tennis match in history. The match was played in Wimbledon 2010 event. The match was completed in three days due to fading daylights. The first 4 sets were played on the first day while the last set was played on the 3rd day of the match. On the final day eventually, Isner won the match, the final set having lasted 8 hours,11 minutes.

Berdych, Rosol vs Wawrinka, Chiudinelli | Doubles | Match Time | (7 Hours : 01 Minutes)

It’s not an easy task to keep your opponent long time on tennis court but few tennis players have this capability to do that. Tomáš Berdych, Lukáš Rosol played against Stanislas Wawrinka, Marco Chiudinelli in Davis Cup 2013, set the new record of longest doubles match for 7 hours and 1 minute.

Leonardo Mayer vs João Souza | Singles | Match Time (6 Hours : 45 Minutes) |

Longest Tennis Match

Leonardo Mayer changed the records history in singles tennis match, his match opponent Joa Souza finished after 6 hours and 45 minutes at Davis Cup 2013.

MatchEventDuration (hh:mm)
John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut2010 Wimbledon11:05
(3 days)
Berdych, Rosol vs
Wawrinka, Chiudinelli
2013 Davis Cup07:01
Leonardo Mayer vs João Souza2015 Davis Cup06:43
Kevin Anderson vs John Isner2018 Wimbledon06:36
Fabrice Santoro vs Arnaud Clément2004 French Open

(2 days)
Vicki Nelson vs Jean Hepner1984 Central Fidelity Banks International06:31
John McEnroe vs Mats Wilander1982 Davis Cup06:22
Boris Becker vs John McEnroe1987 Davis Cup06:21
Arnold Ker, Nalbandian vs
Kafelnikov Safin
2002 Davis Cup06:20
José Luis Clerc vs John McEnroe1980 Davis Cup06:15

More data will be included, to the Longest Tennis Matches records if any other tennis players take that much time to finish the sets at grand-slams and master series.

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