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10 Longest Unbeaten Run In national Football


Longest Unbeaten Run In Football | Italy Leads The Chart With 37 Wins

Top 10 Longest Unbeaten Run In Football History

After the Argentina Unbeaten run in Football, Everyone thought, might be they have the longest Unbeaten Run In Football. However, that’s not the case. Just Wonder which team has the longest unbeaten run in the history of Football and how long the run was. Of course, many football fans hope their team is always on top and winning matches. But, unfortunately, this comes to an end. So come with us as we find out which team has the most prolonged unbeaten Unbeaten Run In Football.

Longest Unbeaten Run In Football

Having an unbeaten streak is not an easy fete for most teams. However, being the team with the longest undefeated run is even a better title. To maintain an undefeated streak, they must have a quality team with a great manager. Join us as we find out who is the best.

10). France – 23 games (2010-2012)

France’s first entry on the list is an impressive run of 23 games unbeaten from 2010 to 2012, which followed a disappointing showing in the previous two years. Somehow, they came away with no silverware to show for the run.

9). West Germany – 23 games (1978-1981)

Following the 1978 World Cup disappointment, assistant Jupp Derwall took charge of West Germany and led them to an immediate upturn in fortunes. They won Euro 1980 in that time, seeing off Belgium in the final with a 2-1 win to add a trophy to the run.

8). Italy – 30 games (1935-1939)

One of international football’s most successful sides, Italy won back-to-back World Cups in 1934 and 1938 after declining to participate in the inaugural tournament. The second win of which came within a four-year unbeaten period, spearheaded by the performances of Giuseppe Meazza.

7). France – 30 games (1994-1996)

A 30-game unbeaten streak proved to be just the beginning of an iconic, history-making decade for Les Bleus. Aime Jaquet sliced up a squad of disappointing veterans that failed to reach the 1994 World Cup by adding in youngsters such as Zinedine Zidane, as France geared up to win the 1998 World Cup at home.

6). Argentina – 31 games (1991-1993)

Part of the reason Argentina’s most recent run of form is so important is that they have just eclipsed their last unbeaten run. Coming in the early 90s, the run followed a controversial 1990 World Cup final defeat against West Germany. Gabriel Batistuta starred as they won back-to-back Copa America titles.

5). Argentina – 32 games (2019-present)

With all the momentum in the World and Messi in inspired form for his nation in what could be the last international tournaments of his career, Argentina has won two trophies already and must carry their momentum to the 2022 World Cup.

4). Algeria – 35 games (2018-2022)

In a period of hope after years of disappointment, Algeria rebuilt and looked like a force once again despite a difficult start under coach Djamel Belmadi. Belmadi turned the tide, though, and got the nation playing incredible football on the way to winning the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations; their first since 1990. Their unbeaten run was ended after a difficult 2022 tournament.

3). Spain – 35 games (2006-2009)

At the beginning of the country’s golden era, a young Spain side bursting at the seams with generational talent put the world on watch as they dominated to clinch Euro 2008, and put together an incredible 35-game unbeaten run, which saw some incredible football being played to swallow up teams. They followed it up by winning the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012.

2). Brazil – 35 games (1993-1996)

The first international side to make it to 35 games unbeaten, Brazil in the 1990s was a force. With more golden eras than most, Brazil made history again from 1993 to 1996, as the likes of Dunga, Romario, and Bebeto brought Brazil out from the cold and lead them to domination, winning the 1994 World Cup.

1). Italy – 37 games (2018-2021)

After near enough a decade of disappointment, Roberto Mancini quietly rebuilt Italy by striking the ideal balance between their veterans and their young stars, which saw them romp to an unbeaten run in preparation for Euro 2020, which continued as they won the trophy.

Amazingly, it’s fallen apart since, with Italy failing to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, and being beaten by a nation who could surpass their record in Scaloni’s Argentina.

Longest unbeaten run in international football

RankTeamUnbeaten runYears
4Algeria 352018-2022
5Argentina322019 – present
6Argentina 31 1991-1993
8Italy30 1935-1939
9West Germany231978-1981

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