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Ranking The MLB Teams With Highest Revenue | Los Angeles Dodgers Is On The Top With $565 Million Annual Revenue

Major League Baseball has got much fame in the previous few years and is now one of the most money grossing sports event. The sponsorships and broadcasting deals have put the more money into the game. Besides the MLB, clubs are also making a huge revenue with shirts sales, endorsements and image rights deals. Here are the complete details about the MLB teams with highest revenue collection.

MLB Teams Highest Revenue

MLB Teams With Highest Revenue Generated

Corona Pandemic has created a serious impact over all the sports and MLB is no more exception. However, the teams and managements have performed exceptionally well to lift the game up again. Some teams couldn’t manage their positions and faced financial loss. While the others have put some great numbers into their banks. Here are the MLB teams with highest revenue generated.

1 – Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Annual Revenue | $565 million
  • Team Value | $4.07 billion

Los Angeles Dodgers is representing the California territory and based in Los Angeles. The team is considered as the best team of MLB as they have exceptional talent and performed amazingly well throughout their history. The reason make them set the stage on fire with a whopping annual revenue of $565 million. Thus, Dodgers are the most money making team of the baseball league. Moreover, the worth of the team is $4.075 Billion.

2 – New York Yankees

  • Annual Revenue | $485 million
  • Team Value | $6 billion

The Bronx Bombers is the most valuable team of MLB with the total worth of $6 Billion. After facing a great loss of $40 million in operating income, the total revenue generated by the team is $485 million. Thus, they are at second position in the list of MLB teams with highest annual revenue.

3 – Boston Red Sox

  • Annual Revenue | $479 million
  • Team Value | $3.9 billion

Boston Red Sox is at the 3rd position in the list as they managed generating revenue of $479 million. The team value increased as they signed new broadcasting contracts and image rights deals have created a solid money impact. Now, the current value of the team reached $3.9 billion and the management is looking to reach the top position.

4 – Atlanta Braves

  • Annual Revenue | $443 million
  • Team Value | $2.1 billion

After an increase in the total worth, the current value of the team crossed $2.1 Billion. While, the total annual revenue generated by the team in the latest money year is $443 million. Now, the team has also signed some new sponsorship and TV rights deals and is looking forward to make its mark and promoting the rank up.

5 – Chicago Cubs

  • Annual Revenue | $425 million
  • Team Value | $3.8 billion

The Boys In Blue are famous for their aggressive gameplay and amazing fan following. Chicago Bulls is at number 5 in the list as they have pocketed the annual revenue of $425 million. With a benefit of operating income of $68 million, the current value of the team reached $3.8 Billion.

Ranking MLB Teams With Highest Revenue Generated

#No.TeamsAnnual RevenueTeam Value
1Los Angeles Dodgers$565 million$4.07 billion
2New York Yankees$482 million$6 billion
3Boston Red Sox$479 million$3.9 billion
4Atlanta Braves$443 million$2.1 billion
5Chicago Cubs$425 million$3.8 billion
6Houston Astros$388 million$1.98 billion
7Texas Rangers$387 million$2.05 billion
8San Francisco Giants$384 million$3.5 billion
9Los Angeles Angels$331 million$2.2 billion
10Philadelphia Phillies$323 million$2.3 billion
11Washington Nationals$322 million$2 billion
12Seattle Mariners$313 million$1.7 billion
13New York Mets$302 million$2.65 billion
14St Louis Cardinals$287 million$2.45 billion
15San Diego Padres$282 million$1.57 billion
16Colorado Rockies$270 million$1.38 billion
17Milwaukee Brewers$269 million$1.28 billion
18Minnesota Twins$268 million$1.39 billion
19Detroit Tigers$268 million$1.4 billion
20Cleveland Guardians$267 million$1.3 billion
21Arizona Diamondbacks$267 million$1.38 billion
22Cincinnati Reds$266 million$1.19 billion
23Kansas City Royals$263 million$1.11 billion
24Chicago White Sox$258 million$1.76 billion
25Pittsburgh Pirates$258 million$1.32 billion
26Tampa Bay Rays$252 million$1.1 billion
27Baltimore Orioles$251 million$1.37 billion
28Toronto Blue Jays$238 million$1.78 billion
29Oakland Athletics$208 million$1.18 billion
30Miami Marlins$240 million$0.99 billion

All these are the details about the MLB teams with highest revenue generated. If there is any change, we will make them available. Stay tuned for more information!

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