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Top 10 Most Charitable Athletes | Ronaldo Is On The Top With Most Donations

Athletes and sports stars are among the highest paid personalities in the world. Some athletes spend their wealth for adding luxury to their lives. While some put their money for making improvements in the society. Here are the complete details about the most charitable athletes who have their own organization and spending money for helping the people and making statements for the others.

Most Charitable Athletes

Top 10 Most Charitable Athletes

From wrestlers to footballers and cricketers, all have paid their contribution in making charity for helping the needy. The famous athletes with their contribution for the charities are following.

10 – Ronda Rousey

Rousey is currently signed to WWE and is featuring under Smackdown brand. She has also showed her skills in MMA fighting and appeared in boxing matches as well. The American professional wrestler has played exceptionally well and is among the highest paid WWE Divas.

She is famous for her charity works and donation. Ronda has deep sympathy with the persons having mental disorder as she lost her father when she was just 8 years old. Thus, she donates to the organizations who treats people with mental disabilities. Moreover, she also donate for eliminating the food issues.

9 – Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, the former professional swimmer is also present in the list as he also donate a handsome money to charities. He is currently running an organization, named Michael Phelps Foundation that support the youngsters physically and mentally to become the best water athletes. He spent his $1 million sponsorship bonus to create the base of his charity.

8 – Russell Wilson

The 33 years old is playing American football as quarter-back. He is among the most successful players playing in NFL. Wilson always remain on the top working for the charities and raising fund for the children. He often visit Seattle Children’s Hospital and also supports a child welfare society “Why Not You”.

Wilson not only stops here. He is currently performing his duties as a national ambassador of Charles Ray III Diabetes Association. Moreover, he also has started an organization “Invested with Russell” for collecting donations for many other local charities.

7 – Neymar

The football icon also loves working for the charities and donating his wealth to improve the health status and eradicate the child labor. Neymar is currently playing for PSG and is holding an expensive contract deal with the club. However, spend his money and time with children. With the organization, named The Instituto Projeto, Neymar has taken the responsibility of 2400 disabled students.

6 – Eli Manning

Having played 16 season for New York Giants in National Football League, Manning is also among the most charitable athletes. Among his greatest works, the American football quarter-back have spent the biggest chunk of his money for making Eli Manning Children’s Clinic.

The hospital is working exceptionally well and is treating at average 75,000 children each year. Manning has raised the fund of $3 million for children charities.

5 – Serena Williams

The tennis giant is also a part of this list as she has done many charity works in his career and still performing her activities. Serena is one of the most successful tennis stars and belongs to America. But she has done the charity works all around the world.

The tennis sensation serve as the ambassador of UNICEF Goodwill and tried her best to spread education across Africa and Asia by establishing schools. Moreover, she also played her role spreading awareness about the breast cancer.

4 – John Cena

The versatile and the sensation of wrestling world John Cena has achieved brilliant success over the course of years. He is also among the highest paid athletes and has also showed his skills in the acting world. Cena’s popularity around the world needs no introduction.

The American professional wrestler is also famous for his charity works. He remained the part of Susan G. Komen organization to create awareness against the Breast Cancer and also raises funds for many other charities. Despite his busy schedule, he is always available for the donations and charity works.

3 – Shahid Afridi

Known for his aggressive nature and short temperament on the crease, Afridi has made a great name as the most dangerous hard hitter batsman. However, he is of totally different nature in his personal life and always remain active for the social works.

Shahid Afridi Foundation is the greatest initiative of him. He has visited various countries to raise the funds as the charity is aiming to deal with various issues including health, money and education.

2 – LeBron James

James is considered the first player who use sports platform to raise the awareness about various social issues. He is currently running LeBron James Family Foundation which focuses on children welfare. The American basketball star has raised some great numbers as a donation for his charity and send 1,100 children at once for study. Moreover, he also raised awareness about the color discrimination and many other social issues.

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo

There is nothing in the world that Ronaldo can’t do. Besides being the best footballer in the world, Ronaldo is also famous for his lifestyle and charity works. He always remains in the news for the magic he does in the football ground. But he also made his name as the most charitable athlete all around the world.

Among his top charities, the Portuguese professional footballer has $83,000 for the brain surgery of a little child. Moreover, he also became the Global Artist Ambassador of Save The Children organization. The other major work is the donation of €600,000 to the charity and also sold his 2011 Golden Boots for donation.

All these are the details about the top 10 most charitable athletes. Further updates will be available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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