5 Most Controversial Umpires/Referees Across Different Sports

5 Most Controversial Umpires/Referees Across Different Sports

It is safe to say that referees had a very difficult job when it comes to decisions that cameras can’t do.

Some critical decisions made them controversial umpires in the eyes of the opposition team.

However, some of these decisions are intentional and some are unintentional.

The fact is that Umpires and Referees wouldn’t let you know their names as you are not a part of the game but a decider of the situation.

Although, the success of an umpire and referee depends on how much he avoids the spotlight for the situation.

Here in this blog post, we have mentioned the names of five famous controversial umpires and referees that you may or may not know!

Let’s get started!

1 – Darrel Hair: One Of The Most Controversial Umpires

Darrel Hair is an Australian cricket umpire who likes to make himself bad in front of the media by giving decisions that aren’t liked by everybody.

There are several controversial decisions that he made, but the most highlighted one that gets the attention of every person is with the Pakistan cricket team.

In the summer season of 2006, Pakistan visited England for an ICC test series under the leadership of Inzamam Ul Haq.

ICC nominated Darrel Hair as the umpire for the 4th test series. However, after the tea session, Darrel claimed that the Pakistani team is using inappropriate means in preparing balls and making it favorable for reverse swing.

However, the Pakistani team registered a protest against Darrel Hair that he makes an accusation.

The interesting thing is that the English team and Pakistani team are willing to take the field, but Darrel Hair remained resolute that the match has been already forfeited.

2 – Jeff Triplette: Most Controversial Umpires In Football History

NFL referees are often criticized for their decisions, but what is worse than a mistake? 

A true incompetent who cannot even recognize the rules of football they officiate.

This referee has committed all sorts of excuses and honest mistakes over the course of his career.

Plays that weren’t actually reviewable were flagged in the eye, and flags were thrown in the eye of players.

While being unaware that there were more gamesmanship intricacies left unsaid by those around him.

(such as how one should handle oneself when awarded possession). 

But most NFL fans know Triplette isn’t an adept official because he gets called out constantly; something not acceptable

3 – Joey Crawford

Joey Crawford has concelebrated more NBA playoffs and final games than any other active referee.

It is also safe to say that he is a universally hated referee and the most controversial umpire among others.

His biggest controversial decision came into the spotlight in 2007 with Tim Duncan.

Here, he reportedly asked the Spurs stars whether he wanted to fight or not.

Unfortunately, he was suspended immediately which later becomes one of the greatest regrets of his life.

4 – Mark Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg is a name that lives between the allegations of conspiracy and truth.

Some consider him as the best umpire, whereas a group of people considers him to be one of the most controversial umpires in the world.

When the United goalkeeper clearly mishandled the ball across the goal line.

Mr. Clattenburg denied Tottenham of a crucial goal against Manchester United.

However, he also showed two yellow cards to Bellamy which makes him a perfect combination of conspiracy.

5 – Bryce Lawrence

Bryce Lawrence has been a referee of more than 200 rugby matches which could be a great record but only if he never makes controversial decisions.

At the beginning of his career, he was one of the finest and greatest referees of all time.

But, in the last few years of his service, things were quite opposite.

His performance goes so poor that he decided to retire after the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

He accepted that his performance has gone very bad and he also cited it as the main reason for giving retirement.

Although, he got very intense criticism in 2009 for his performance clash between the Lions and South Africa.

But the rugby World Cup of 2011 was the main event that drew everyone’s attention towards him.

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