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Sports Most Disrespectful Moments


Top 15 Most Disrespectful Moments In Sports History

Sports Most Disrespectful Moments

Sports are the showcase of brilliance and spirit in the field. However, sometimes the fire and the heat of the moment cause the players to lose their patience and the unbearable incidences happen. Sports history has many incidences where fans troll players or the players have created some serious damage. Here are the list of the top 15 most disrespectful moments in sports history.

15 – Underarm Bowling Incident

The Incidence happened in 1981 in a cricket match between Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand need 6 runs to win from the last of the final over. The Aussie captain Greg Chappell asked the bowler Trevor Chappell to bowl an underarm ball along the ground. Although the delivery was fair according to the rules. However, it is considered as one of the worst incidence of sports history. Australia guaranteed the win but experts called the incidence wholly against the sportsmanship.

14 – Kemp Dunks On Lister

In 1992, Golden State Warriors and Seattle Supersonics met each other in a playoff match. The match was at its peak when Shawn Kemp of Supersonics dunk on the opponent player Alton Lister and scored the basket. Lister couldn’t manage the balance and fell on the ground. Kemp, in his rage, lose the sportsman spirit and kicked the Lister and taunted him with some uproarious words. This is also one of the most disrespectful moments of basketball sports history.

13 – Scottie Pippen Bulls over Patrick Ewing

Another disrespectful moment happened again in the basketball match between Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks. The event occurred in 1994 where Scottie Pippen made a great showcase of his skills and led the team to victory. However, the memorable event of the match is when Pippen dunks on Patrick Ewing to score the basket. The moment, later on, caught fire as Pippen taunts Patrick right after the year.

12 – Floyd Mayweather Jr Punches Victor Ortiz

Mayweather Jr is one of the legendary boxer of all times. In his career, the American has boxed 50 bouts and remained unbeaten. But he also lose the sportsman spirit in a welterweight championship bout against Victor Ortiz in 2011. In the 4th round, he punched Ortiz severely to knocked him out. Although the action was legal, however, experts called it against the sports ethics and the legend faced criticism over his legal action.

11 – Albert Haynesworth Stomps Andre Gurode

Having played 10 NFL seasons in his career, the American Football defensive player has got much fame for his wonderful gameplay. However, his went outrageous sometimes, when come to the party and did some disastrous nicks. The same happened in a match against Dallas Cowboys while Haynesworth was playing for Tennessee Titans. At a stage of the match, Andre Gurode fell on to the ground while going to score the goal. Haynesworth stopped him and suddenly stomped him at his face which resulted in 30 stitches.

10 – Brandon Marshall Passes to Jay Cutler’s Face

Chicago Bears vs Miami Dolphins faced each other in 2010 where one of the famous ball passing event occurred. Dolphins stamped a stunning victory over the Bears. In the celebration after the match, Marshall kicked the ball towards the face of Jay Cutler of Chicago Bears. Thus, the moment is one of the worst incidence of sports history.

9 – Kermit Washington Punches Rudy Tomjanovich

Washington has played as Power forward in his career and is best known for the punching incidence against Rudy Tomjanovich. He has played wild hand against Houston Rockets’ player and punched him so hard which led Rudy’s career to the end. Washington faced a fan for the incidence. While Rudy scarcely managed his life and started coaching after getting retired from the team. The event happened in 1977 when Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets came across each other.

8 – Blake Griffin Dunk on Timofey Mozgov

The American professional basketball player Blake Griffin is famous for his short temperament and outrageous behavior. Griffin has been involved in so many dunks. One of the most famous incidence occurred in 2010 when he dunked on Timofey Mozgov. However, the incidence is not a normal one as Griffin slammed the Mozgov face and exhibit a vanquish display of sportsman spirit.

7 – Eric Cantona Kung Fu Kick

The incidence happened in 1995 when Eric Cantona was playing for Manchester United. In a match against Crystal Palace, a fan trolled him and the king Eric lost his temperament. Cantona, instead of ignoring, hit a Kung Fu kick to the man, named Matthew Simmons. The kicked followed by the jabs reminding the move of legendary boxer Mayweather Jr. This is also considered one of the most disrespectful moments of the sports history.

6 – Marty McSorley Hits Donald Brashear with Stick

The incidence occurred in NHL match between Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins in 2000. Although hockey is not very much big game and nothing crazy happens in the game normally. However, the Marty McSorley fight with Donald Brashear is one of the highlight incidence of the Ice Hockey history as McSorley struck Brashear with his hockey stick when the later was stopping the former from scoring a goal.

5 – Zinedine Zidane Headbutts Marco Materazzi

Football is considered a fiery game as the players remain in continuous motion and the Adrenaline raise the rage and fire among the players. Thus, sometimes the footballers lose their patience and harsh incidence occurred during the matches. The same happened in 2006 FIFA world cup when one of the greatest footballer Zinedine Zidane headbutt Marco Materazzi. Zidane faced a huge criticism for his action. Later, it is revealed that Italian player Materazzi has taunted and pass offend comments on Frenchman.

4 – Arron Asham Hit on Jay Beagle

Although the game was played on ice, however, the conditions get intense between the teams when Arron Asham and Jay Beagle came in front of each other. The incidence happened in 2011 in a game between Penguins and Capitals. Beagle dropped Asham on the ice for preventing him from scoring the points and taunted him with offensive terms. Later on, it was declared that all fault goes to Beagle as he lost his tempered.

3 – Fan Taunts Itay Shechter

Soccer is the most watched sports and a great number of fans reach the stadiums to see their stars playing live. However, sometimes fans are also involved in bullying the players. The same happened in 2012 when Itay Shechter, professional footballer from Israel faced offensive comments and taunted by a German fan. Its is considered a worst event in the sports history.

2 – Ball Tampering 2018

During a test match between Australia and South Africa in 2018, the Aussies were facing difficulty in winning the match. Thus, Steve Smith and David Warner gave the ball to Cameron Bancroft for tempering. The camera caught the moment and the worst display of sportsman spirit came in front of the whole world. Cricket Australia put the ban on all three players and Smith even lost his captaincy.

1 – Mike Tyson Bites Evander Holyfield

Mike Tyson is one of the best boxer ever came into the ring. Having faced 6 loss from the total of 58 fights, Tyson defeated his opponents in 50 fights. He is famous for his outrageous performance and brilliance in the ring. In a rematch bout between Tyson and Evander Holyfield, Tyson made a worst display of sportsman ship and bit Holyfield’s ear 2 times. However, it is revealed later that Holyfield head butted him illegally and didn’t get the penalty.

These are the complete details about the top 15 most disrespectful moments in the sports history. Further updates will be available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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