Top 10 Most Expensive Football Kits In History

Most Expensive Football Kits

Football fans are always eager of something exciting regarding the players and teams. However, there are some other aspects as well that may look odd but interesting as well. The same is the case with football kits as some shirts have incredible prices ever. Here are the complete details about the most expensive football kits in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Football Kits In History

1 – Maradona’s Shirt

Diego Maradona is the legendary footballer having played for Argentina in international matches as well as in world cups. While playing in the quarter final 1986 FIFA world cup against England, Maradona post the first goal which was an penalized hand foul. However, that goal helped Argentina reach the final and they won the world cup. The shirt, Maradona was wearing in the match, later on sold at the incredible price of $8.7 million. Thus, Maradona’s Hand Of God shirt is the most expensive one in football history.

2 – Pele’s Brazil Shirt

Pele’s kit is at number 2 in the list of most expensive football kits of all times history. The Brazilian professional footballer has played as a forward in his club career as well as for the national team. In 1970 world cup final, Pele has scored a goal which helped Brazil win the mega event. The win contributed in the kit sale of Pele and it went on purchase as the whopping cost of $200k.

3 – Geoff Hurst’s Shirt

Geoff Hurst, former professional footballer from England, is one of the leading athlete with a lot of success in his career. In 1966 world cup, he made a wonderful showcase of his talent and helped England win the tournament. He scored brilliant hat trick in the final match against West Germany. Thus, his world cup final shirt is also sold at a very high price of $120,000.

4 – Boycho Velichkov’s Shirt

Boycho Velichkov has played for Bulgaria for 7 years and is one of the best player of his time. Although, he spent a short career. However, he got much success in this short time. In 1980, he was playing against England in European Championship qualifying group match. Later on, he sold the shirt, wore in the match for $2,500.

5 – East Germany Shirt

Besides the players, some teams have also sold their kits at very high prices. East Germany is on the top among the teams who have sold their shirts at whopping cost. In 1990, West Germany played a match against Scotland. The shirt of that match was sold at the price of $1,550.

6 – Barcelona’s Shirt

Barcelona is one of the best and most successful club of Spanish LaLiga history. Many known footballers have played for the club. The club’s shirt of 1991-92 season is very popular among the fans and sold at higher rates. Barcelona’s shirt of 1991 season is of $750.

7 – Napoli’s Shirt

One of the promising club of Italian Serie A, Napoli FC is also present in the list. The club has performed exceptionally well in 1990-91 season. Moreover, the entry of Maradona has also increased the popularity of the team among the fans. Napoli’s home shirt of 1990 season is at number 7 in the list of most expensive football kits in the history.

8 – Netherland’s Shirt

Netherland has exhibited a magnificent performance in 1988 UEFA Euro Championship. In the final, the team made an astonishing victory over Soviet Union by the margin of 0-2. The shirt worn in the match is thus sold at high prices which costs around $730.

9 – USA’s Shirt

Although USA couldn’t perform well in 1994 world cup and knocked out from the tournament after facing a defeat with 0-1 against Brazil. The Adidas has made this shirt for the team and cost $650.

10 – Soviet Union’s Shirt

Soviet Union has featured their extremely rare shirt in 1990 world cup and then never use it again. Thus, this shirt became of immense importance for the fans. The cost of $550 makes it an expensive football kit.

All these are the details about the top 10 most expensive football kits of all times in the world. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!