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Football Most Expensive Injuries


Top 10 Most Expensive Injuries In Football

Football Most Expensive Injuries

Almost all sports share some tragic moments in their history. But football is on the top of all. There are huge injuries and deaths in the history of football. Some ended up their lives while some retire from their careers. Moreover, some footballers have made strong comebacks after deadly injuries. However, these injuries have coost them severe loss. Here are the complete details about the most expensive injuries in the history of football to the date.

Top 10 Most Expensive Injuries In Football

1 – David Busst

Having played for Coventry City during his professional career, David Busst’s injury forced him to take retirement from his career just at the age of 29. David is playing against Manchester United in a league match in 1996n when he faced the most terrible injury of soccer’s history. He collided with Brian McClure and Dennis Irwin at once while preventing them from taking the ball towards goal.

The impact was so tough that the English center-back suffered from horrific compound fracture in his right tibia and fibula. He went through various surgeries and operations. But he couldn’t manage a recovery. Thus, he had to take retirement from his professional career very soon.

2 – Patrick Battiston

The injury of Patrick Battiston has decolorized the charm of 1982 world cup. The French former footballer has played 3 world cups for national team. But 1982 world cup has delivered him the worst injury of his career as well as of football history. He was playing brilliantly in a match against West Germany when he collided terribly with the shoulder of opponent’s goal keeper Harald Schumacher. This caused him to get unconscious on the pitch. Moreover, his vertebrae also get broken besides his teeth.

3 – Petr Cech

October 2006 was the worst for Czech former professional footballer Petr Cech as he faced a fatal accident on the pitch. He was playing as a goalkeeper for Chelsea in a match against Reading F.C. Eventually in an attempt to score a goal, the knee of Stephen Hunt hit the head of Petr badly and forced him to leave the field.

Later on, he fell unconscious in the dressing room. He was taken to hospital where a blood clot diagnosed in his head. Doctors have removed the clot and it seemed as the end of his career. However, he made a surprise comeback to professional football just after 3 months.

4 – Eduardo Da Silva

While playing for Arsenal in 2008, an unfortunate incident happened in a match against Birmingham City. His injury is often cited as one of the most dreadful in the history of professional football. Eduardo faced displacement of his ankle as well as the ligaments of his left foot torn out after clashing with Martin Taylor of Birmingham City. The injury was so much appalling that it takes him out of the game for more than 1 year.

5 – Luc Nilis

Luc Nilis suffered a prodigious leg break while playing against Ipswich. Nilis injury was so severe that he suffered from a double compound fracture in his right leg. He was taken to the hospital where doctors completely tested his leg and recognize infection. The possible treatment for the injury was amputation. This led the possible end of his professional career.

6 – Djibril Cisse

The French striker Djibril Cisse has faced multiple deadly injuries in his career. He got his first terrible injury against Blackburn Rovers. His shoe was stuck in the ground which caused him to lose his balance and fell on the turf. The impact was so dreadful that he lost his tibia and fibula broke simultaneously. The same happened in a practice match against China, which cost him world cup final miss out. After such great injuries, he still managed returning to the field.

7 – Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti’s injury was so horrific that it left an unforgettable impression over the football fans. He was playing against Employ where he collided with a mate from the opponent team. Subsequently of the incident, he was taken off the field on to the stretcher. His injury was so severe that he faced fracture in his left leg. Moreover, the ligament of his fibula also find the damage. He went through many surgeries and it was a miracle that he recovered from the injuries.

8 – Kerion Dyer

Dyer’s career got affected after a horrific injury while playing for Westham. Although, he has faced injuries through his career. However, the worst happened in 2007 while playing against Bristol Rovers. He collided with the opponent player and his right leg broke from 2 places below the knee. Dyer rehabilitated from the injury after 1 year. But he couldn’t perform same as before.

9 – Alan Smith

While representing Manchester United during his Premier League career, Alan Smith has also faced a terrible injury. In 2006, he was in action against Liverpool and was trying to defend the free kick from the Liverpool’s striker John Arne Rise. In this attempt, Smith dislocated his ankle and the leg also get broken. However, the injury couldn’t create a serious effect on his career as he made a comeback with more strong performance.

10 – Henrik Larsson

Henrik Larsson, former professional footballer from Sweden, has also faced horrible injury in his career. Larsson has played as a striker in his career and is one of the most effective player. However, he got the damage in a match against Lyon. While striking the ball, he suffered from the leg break. Medical reports reveled that there was double compound fracture in his leg. Although the injury was devastating but he still make a comeback and become the best striker in the football history of all times.

These are the details about the most expensive injuries in football history. All the further updates will be available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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