Top 10 Most Expensive Shirts In The History Of MLB

Most Expensive MLB Shirts

Major League Baseball is the top tier league of baseball world that features thrilling competitions and world class athletes. For their performances, some stars make their way directly to the hearts of people. Thus, they loved by people even after retirement and fans spend a lot of money to buy their memorable gadgets and shirts. Here are the complete details about the top 10 most expensive MLB shirts in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shirts In MLB History Of All Times

1 – Babe Ruth 1928-30’s Shirt

Babe Ruth is an exceptional talent in the history of Major League Baseball. For his impressive gameplay, he is one of the most famous and iconic player. He has an immense fan following and loved by people even after taking retirement. Ruth’s shirt of 1928-30 MLB season has the price of $5.64 million, making it the most expensive MLB shirt sold ever in the history.

2 – Babe Ruth 1920’s Shirt

The American professional has also sold his 1920’s shirt of Major League Baseball at the sky-high price of $4.4 million. He played for different teams in his MLB career. But the best of his performances came when he was playing for New York Yankees. He joined the club in 1920 and later on, his 1st shirt for the team was sold for above $4 million.

3 – Jackie Robinson 1950’s Shirt

Having played magnificently throughout his career, Jackie has given his best while playing for Los Angeles Dodgers. Robinson has scored 141 home runs and is among the dangerous players. His shirt for Los Angeles Dodgers in 1950 season sold at the incredible cost of $4.2 million.

4 – Dwight Gooden 1986’s Shirt

World Series 1986 was one of the most surprising season in all times history of New York Mets franchise as they managed a glorious victory over Boston Red Sox. A small mistake from Boston player Bill Buckner helped the Mets win the World Series. However, Dwight Gooden of Mets have played at his best in the event and paid a crucial role in winning the trophy. His shirt of the season is at number 4 with the cost of $2 million.

5 – David Stieb 1983’s Shirt

David Stieb was a crucial part in the all times of history of Blue Jays franchise as 1983 was the year they started to become a good team. Stieb played brilliantly throughout the season and helped Blue Jay finished the season with the record of 89-73. His shirt of the season cost $1.7 million.

6 – Roy Halladay 2008’s Shirt

Halladay started his MLB career in 1998 and soon become a successful athlete based on his performance. 2008 MLB season is the most memorable for Halladay as he had his name in All star game and played exceptionally well there. Thus, his 2008 shirt for Blue Jays is also the expensive one and sold at cost of $1.4 million.

7 – Mike Trout’s Shirt 2011

3 times American league most valuable player award winner Mike Trout has no match in the history of MLB. Mike has incredible skills and has exhibited such a gameplay that just absolutely make your jaw drop. He started his career with Los Angeles Angels and soon become the most valuable player for his team. His joining shirt for the team is among the most expensive MLB shirts ever and sold at the price of $1 million.

8 – Babe Ruth 1934’s Shirt

Ruth exhibited an exceptional showcase of his talent in 1934 tour of Japan. He played very well and has a leading tournament. The shirt he wore in the tournament sold at the whopping price of $771,000.

9 – Don Larsen 1956’s Shirt

Larsen threw the first and only perfect game in a match of 1956’s series against , no-hitter in the history of the World Series was able to do that. His shirt for the match sold at the whopping price of $756,000.

10 – Babe Ruth 1933’s Shirt

Babe Ruth is present for the 4th time in the list, showing his popularity among the fans. In 1933 All star games, Ruth made another stunning show and played gloriously. His shirt for the game sold at the price of $657,250.

All these are the details about the top 10 most expensive shirts in the history of MLB. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!