Players With Most Free Kick Goals | Neither Leo Messi Nor Cristiano Ronaldo Made Into The Top Ten

Free-kicks or set pieces are one of the most effective methods to score a goal. The beauty is to bend the ball, make it curve, and go over the goalkeeper. That sums up the art of Free kick goals. However, mastering the Freekick craft has been found to be one of the hardest. Be it from outside the box or 30-yard from the box, free-kicks are definitely one of the most beautiful things to watch in football, when done correctly. Today we listed the players with the Most Free Kick Goals in football history.

Players with Most Free Kick Goals in Football

5). David Beckham

  • Number of games Played: 523
  • Number of free kick Goals: 65
  • Nation: England

A famous term “Bend it like Beckham” chants in our head when we hear his name. He was a phenom when it come to Free kick goals. The Manchester United, England and Real Madrid legend netted 65 times from free-kicks in his career. His free-kick at the 2002 World cup qualifier to take England FIFA World Cup is still cherished as one of the best moments in English football.

4). Víctor Legrotaglie

  • Number of Matches: 512
  • Number of free kick Goals: 66
  • Nation: Argentina

He has more free-kick goals than Messi and Maradona in the list means Argentina’s forward was a pretty special talent. Legrotaglie was considered to be the greatest player in Mendoza football. He scored 66 goals from set-pieces during his career. He spent all 21 of his playing years in Argentina, despite interest from Real Madrid and Inter Milan.


  • Number of games Played: 511
  • Number of free kick Goals: 66
  • Nation: Brazil

The magician and prince of football have Golden feet. Whenever he touches the ball, he shows magic. Most-famously, Ronaldinho lobbed David Seaman with a speculative effort in the 2002 World Cup quarter-final. He scored a total of 66 free-kicks during his illustrious career.

2). Pele

  • Number of games Played: 700
  • Number of free kick Goals: 70
  • Nation: Brazil

Often regarded as the King of Football, The football legend is 2nd on the list. Despite scoring a ridiculous amount of goals in his career, Pele officially scored 70 free-kicks. His immense game knowledge to out-think the goal-keeper helped him net the ball more often. His thunderous effort in the 1970 World Cup against Romania will go down as one of his greatest goals ever.

1). Juninho

  • Number of games Played: 597
  • Number of free kick Goals: 77
  • Nation: Brazil

Whatever if Pele is the Football king, But Juninho is the ultimate king of the set pieces Goals. Whether it’s a dead-ball from 20 yards out or 40 yards away, in the middle of the goal or by the corner flag, Lyon legend Juninho was always likely to leave the net bulging. The Olympique Lyonnais legend and mid-fielder scored 77 goals from Free Kicks. In just eight years at Lyon, the Brazilian scored 44 set-piece goals. Moreover, He was also the inventor of the knuckle-ball technique shoots as well.

RankPlayer Free Kick GoalNumber of Matches
1Juninho 77597
4Víctor Legrotaglie66512
5David Beckham65523
6Diego Maradona62491
8Ronald Koeman60534
9Rogerio Ceni59882
10Marcelinho Carioca59 311
11Lionel Messi58929
12Cristiano Ronaldo571073

Despite being the best Players of Football in this century, both Cristiano and Messi are not in the list of Top 10 all-time top Free Kick Goals scorers. Leo Messi Scored 58 goals, 1 less than number 10. Meanwhile, Ronaldo scored 57 goals. Messi can enter in the top 5 as well, as the little magician raises his free-kick scoring ability. till 2012 Messi only had 5 against his name. This suggests the little magician from Argentina is back in the competition.

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