Sports Trophies Which Hold Significant Importance For Athletes Across Different Sports

Sports is an entertainment industry which brings competitive athletes fighting it out to be the best be it individually or in team sports. To celebrate their success they are given trophies which represent success for years to come. All major sports have iconic trophies which players/athletes aspire to win and we take a look at some of the most iconic trophies in Sports Today.

#1. FIFA World Cup Trophy:

Awarded To: FIFA World Cup winners (every four year)
Design & Material: Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni designed the trophy which is made of 18-carat gold
First introduced: The trophy was first introduced back in 1974 world cup when it replaced the first world cup trophy which was called Jules Rimet Trophy.

#2. Olympic Gold Medal:

Awarded To: Finishing first in any official sports event in summer olympics

Design & Material: Olympic medal is designed by artists from the country which is hosting the Olympics every four years. It is made of 92.5% silver and just 6 grams of gold worth just $600 in monetary sense.

Olympics take place every four years and the country which is hosting the event get to design Olympics medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

#3. Heavyweight Championship Belt (Boxing)

Awarded To: the boxer who become champion in heavyweight division
Design & Material: There are several governing bodies like WBA, WBO, IBF who have their own heavyweight belts, The award the heavyweight belt to the boxer who defeat the current champion.

#4. Wimbledon Trophy (Tennis)

Awarded To: The winner of men’s singles event at the Wimbledon every year.

Design and Material: Cup shape standing at 18.5″ inches tall and with diameter of 7.5. Around the bowl shape engraved are dates and names of past champions

#5. The Ashes (Cricket)

Awarded To: Winner of test series between Australia and England every two years.
Design & Material: The Ashes trophy is one of the most unique and iconic sports trophy considering its rich history. We wrote a dedicated article about it so you might want to check it out.

#6. Webb Ellis Cup (Rugby)

Awarded to: Winners of Rugby World Cup every four years.
Design & Material: Famous Carrington & Co designed the trophy and it was first introduced back in 1987 inspired by the first trophy which was awarded to Rugby World Cup winners since 1907

#7: Stanley Cup (NHL)

Awarded To: Stanley Cup is awarded to team winning the playoffs in NHL

About the trophy: Stanley Cup was first introduced back in 1893 is named after Lord Stanley who brought a rose-bowl from Sheffield, England and presented it as a trophy to yearly winners in Canada Ice Hockey league. When Canadian and American Ice Hockey leagues merged it was awarded to winners of playoff every year and got its official name “Stanley Cup”

#8. Claret Jug (Golf)

Claret Jug is awarded to the winner of “The British Open” one of the four majors in calendar year of golf events. First introduced back in 1873 which was designed by Mackay Cunningham & Company from Edinburgh, Ireland. However the original trophy was retired back in 1928 and a upgraded version was introduced which is given to The Open winners every year. The names of champions are engraved on the trophy and replic is awarded to the winners every year.

#9. Vince Lombardi Trophy (NFL)

Lobardy Trophy might not have the rich history of other iconic trophies we listed, however NFL is one of the most popular and most lucrative sports leagues in the world and Super Bowl is most watched event in america ever year. Vince Lombardy Trophy is awarded to Super Bowl winners every year. It was first introduce back in 1967 designed by Tiffany & Co from New Jersey and since than it has been awarded to eventual Super Bowl Winners every year.

#10. Ballon d’or (Football)

Awarded To: The best footballer of the year choosen by French magazine “FranceFootball”. Widely regarded as the most prestigious individual award a footballer can earn.
Design & Material: five kilograms of 18 carat art “Golden Ball” was first introduce in 1956 when FranceFootball and journalists voted for the best player of the year. The trophy was designed and made by “Mellerio dits Meller” jeweler from France.

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