Most Iconic trophies in Sports

Trophies and awards play an important part in sports. Hence winning these most iconic trophies for your country is nothing less than a proud moment for athletes.

The joy to represent the country in mega tournaments alone gives you a sense of pride and if you win the trophy, your happiness alongside your people knows no bound.

Professional athletes in different sports hustle each day just to win the trophy for the pride of their country or club. Athletes want to get recognized by the people.

Winning a trophy not only boosts the morale of the team but also inspires the young generation. The young generation starts dreaming to win this prestigious glory for their nation.

Winning awards or trophies is all about athletes taking pride in what they’ve done. Believe it or not, there are some trophies out there that are worth more than your car.

Have a look at these most iconic trophies.

Fifa World Cup

Introduced in: 1974 FIFA World Cup

Made of: 18-carat gold

Awarded for: Winning Football World Cup

Designer: Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni (Italy)

Weight and Height: 6.1 kg and 14.5 inches tall

Fifa WorldCup is by far the most recognizable sports award all over the world. over the years, the design of this trophy keeps getting changed. Modern-day Fifa world cup design features two athletes’ bodies holding hands and supporting the earth.

The trophy is awarded to the world cup winning team. Brazil won the most times (5). let’s have a look at the trophy


Awarded for: men’s singles winner

Introduced in: first presented by All England Club in 1887, it replaced the Field Cup used in previous 6 years.

Designer: Major Walter Clopton Wingfield

Made of: silver-gilt

Height: 18 inches

in 1887, the very first Wimbledon championship took place. Then it was called the field cup and awarded to the winner of single men’s. Wimbledon is entitled to top honor in tennis. It is also known as a gentlemen’s singles trophy.

Before 1893, players take home the original title. after 1893, rules changed and players takes the duplicate trophy with them while their name gets written on the original trophy.

UEFA Champions League

Awarded for: winning the champions league

Introduced in: 1955-56

Design by:  Jörg Stadelmann

Height and weight: 29 inches and 16.5 lb

Made of: silverware

In club football history, the UEFA champions league is regarded as one of the most iconic trophies. Every year Champions league tournament occurs and club teams from different leagues participate and tries to win the cup.

The champions league was first started in the 1955-1956 season under the name of the UEFA cup.

In 1990, UEFA general body change the format of the tournament and name it the UEFA champions league.

Real Madrid won the most number of times (13). In terms of size, this trophy is considered the largest trophy ever to be made.

Webb Ellis Cup

Awarded for: Winning Rugby Union World Cup

Introduced in: 1987 Rugby World Cup

Made of: gilded silver

Design by: Carrington & Co. of London designed the original trophy back in 1906

Weight: weighs around 4.5 kg

this cup was first introduced in the rugby world cup. It was made in 1906 and use as a silverware cup. in 1987, it was introduced as a trophy for the winning team.

Initially, it was called rugby world cup trophy but later name changed and now it is known as Webb Ellis Cup.

Claret Jug

Awarded for: winner of “The Open Championship” tournament.

Design by: Mackay Cunningham & Company of Edinburgh

Introduced in: introduced in 1873

Claret Jug trophy holds a very prestigious value in golf. The trophy is awarded to the winner of “The Open Championship” tournament. This tournament is also known as the British Open. British open was first introduced in 1873. The Claret jug trophy is designed by Mackay Cunningham & Company of Edinburgh. The trophy is awarded to the winner of the tournament. The original ”Claret Jug” trophy was retired in 1928.

Stanley Cup

Awarded For: Winning playoffs in National Hockey League (NHL)

Introduced in: 1893 for the best amateur ice hockey team in Canada

Made of: Silver and nickel alloy weighs at around 15.5 kilograms

Designer:  Named after Lord Stanley, who brought a simple rose bowl which was made in Sheffield England

This trophy is considered very prestigious among the most iconic trophies across different sports. Stanley Cup is named after its very first owner Lord Stanley. Lord Stanley was the governor of Canada from the last 1880s till the 1990s.

Lord Stanley was an ICE Hockey enthusiast. this Championship is the oldest among all and is still awarded to the teams who win the tournament.

This trophy was bought by Stanley and used by the award-winning team every year. After some time it becomes the “Stanley Cup”.

The format of the tournament changed when American and Canadian leagues merged. A playoff was played between winners from both countries and Stanley Cup is awarded to the winning team.


Introduced in: 1883-84 test series between England-Australia

Awarded for: Winner of 5 test match series between England-Australia

Material: terracotta and contains a burnt bail

In cricket history, Ashes is considered one of the most iconic trophies. Ashes are playing between cricketing arch-rivals, Australia and England. Ashes are the oldest series in cricket history.

it’s not wrong to say that Ashes is cricket’s first-ever trophy. it was introduced in 1883. Every two years ashes take place between England and Australia.

Oylmpic Gold Medal

Introduced in: 1904 Olympics

Awarded For: finishing first in any sports discipline/event in Summer Olympics

Worth: $600

Made of:  92.5% silver with a minimum of 6 grams of gold

Every single athlete dream to win the Olympic gold medal for his country. Athletes from all over the world participate in 33 different sports.

In 1896, the first Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece.

In the 1904 Olympics game the Gold, Bronze, and Silver medals were introduced, Later it became a tradition and now represents the Olympic game’s glory.

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