Most Original Wrestling Gimmicks of All Time

Pro-wrestling wouldn’t be much without the colorful outfits, great moves and storylines behind the characters. All of those features can be acredited to a term, known as a gimmick. Here are our favorite 10 gimmicks from the world of pro-wrestling!


Goldust’s look made for one of the most original gimmicks in history. Just taking a look at him made fans all around the world shiver. There was something about his appearance that made people feel odd and anxious. His off look, however, wasn’t the only thing that made his gimmick be special. His hollywood-star behavior and great moves in the ring made for a great spectacle.

Jake The Snake Roberts

Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ gimmick is truly one of a kind. How many wrestler can say that their thing is to bring a giant python or a cobra onto the ring? The anwser is: one, and he is Jake Roberts. Every fan of wrestling remembers the time that Jake The Snake made a cobra bite the Macho Man in his arm. Normally venomous snakes, had their venom glands removed for the shows to insure safety, but it doesn’t mean that the sight of a cobra grabbing onto someone with its teeth is scary and badass. Today, we would call it animal abuse, but in the 80s and 90s, it was called “fun”. Fun fact is that, Jake Roberts actually had to care of the snakes himself. They would usually live in his bathtub. Ain’t that a gimmick!


AEW’s Luchasaurus is a one bizzare luchador. A mix between a human lucha wrestler and a dinosaur. This big beast makes one great wrestler with one of the most original wrestling gimmicks. Luchasaurus puts a very creative new spin on the classic luchador identity. On top of that, him and Jungle Boy made a great duo together, truly, two wild, wild pro-wrestlers.

Randy Savage

It’s gonna be hard to compare The Macho Man to any other wrestler. Over the years, he became a true icon of the WWE scene. His outfits, the signature hat, voice, speech patterns and moves in the ring, all result in one hell of a gimmick. You can’t describe Macho Man’s gimmick in a different way, other than that he is Randy The Macho Man Savage.

The Undertaker

Without doubt, the Undertaker takes the crown as one of the most important figures in the history of pro-wrestling. Such an iconic character couldn’t miss the list. His eyes would spark terror in fans and his opponents and his appearances are quite unforgetful! Hearing the bells ring out always meant trouble in the ring. A character straight from the valley of the dead, is there anyone more badass in the world of wrestling than the Undertaker himself?


Although, not as developed as the American pro-wrestling, the European scene also has some great characters to keep the fans entertained even today. For example, this Austrian wrestler’s gimmick is a Christmas folklore creature known as Krampus. You can catch him in many different wrestling federations, including European PTW and Asian Rings of Pakistan. A demonic creature from Austro-Bavarian fables is probabl one of the greatest wrestling gimmicks out there. Just take a look at his outfit!

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Andre The Giant

A true giant in the ring. Andre The Giant was towering over at every single of his opponents. This pro-wrestler measured 2.24m in height and wieghed over 200kg. You may argue that just because the giant was big, it doesn’t make for an interesting, original gimmick. We disagree. Andre was not just “big”, he was enormous. Seeing someone of this size on the street feels very bizzare, but seeing someone like that in the ring, makes for a spectatular viewing. Giant’s height and weight allowed for many fantastic things to happen on the ring, and since Andre, we haven’t gotten anyone close to his size in terms of success, therefore, we believe that he Giant deserves a spot on this list.

Malakai Black

Malakai Black is a one scary character. His gimmick is quite simple, he is another dark character in the world of wrestling. However, Malakai’s tattoos and his outfits really make for a good show. His appearances in the AEW only add to the gimmick, as the new reedition of Malakai now spits black goo that turns people evil. When it comes to evil, dark and mysterious characters in pro-wrestling, Malakai Black takes the top place.

Right To Censor

The Right To Censor was a wrestling group in the WWF. The group was a parody of Parents Television Council, an organization that actively campaigned against the federation’s product, claiming that it presents overtly violent content to children. The PTC group also threatened to go after WWF’s sponsors, to cut the funding. The WWF crew didn’t fret, and as a response, created The Right To Censor. When you take all of this into account, the RTC is one of a kind pro-wrestling stables, and one of the most original wreslting groups out there.

Papa Shango

A voodoo practitioner inside a ring? As bizzare as it sounds, Papa Shango was a very interesting idea for a pro-wrestling gimmick. A with-doctor who casts curses and drops nasty clotheslines on their oppontents – that’s exactly Papa Shango. Unfortunately, the character of Papa Shango didn’t get to see a long livespan. The character was a bit odd but it is what we like about the gimmick. Bad or not, it certainly was original.