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Popular La Liga Clubs


Spanish La Liga Clubs Ranked By Popularity Across Social Media

Barcelona FC is the most popular La Liga club on social media with 281 Million fans worldwide.

La Liga is one of the most popular football league belonging to Spain. Not only in the European countries, the fans of the league are present throughout the globe. Million of people are following this league and supporting their stars. Same is the case with the clubs. People follow their favorite clubs and cheer them out during the match. Here we will discuss the most popular clubs in La Liga having a solid fan base from all around the world.

Popular La Liga Clubs

Besides the big giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla have also produced a solid fan following in the last few years as they performed good in the previous seasons. Here we have sorted the list of most popular La Liga clubs according to their fan following on different social media platforms including:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

The some key points to consider about the social media success of La Liga clubs are following.

  • Real Madrid is the most famous club on Instagram.
  • Barcelona FC has 14.9 Million TikTok followers.
  • Deportivo Alavés is the least popular club with 304.6k fans from all social medias.
  • Barcelona is on the top with 281 Million global fans.

FC Barcelona – 281 Million

FC Barcelona is the most followed La Liga club having 281 Million fans worldwide. The main reason of its huge fan following was Lionel Messi. Although he has left the team, however, club is still having millions of fans worldwide. Facebook fans have crossed 100 Million mark and same is in the case of Instagram. Moreover, Barcelona has the greatest TikTok fan following.

  • Instagram | 107 Million
  • Facebook | 106 Million
  • Twitter | 41 Million
  • YouTube | 13.3 Million
  • TikTok | 14.9 Million

FC Barcelona has lifted La Liga title 26 times and is one of the most successful club of Spanish League so far. There is a solid fan base on Twitter with 41 Million fans. Barcelona players have won a record twelve Ballon d’Or awards which is the greatest reason of fan following for the club.

Real Madrid CF – 258.3 Million

Real Madrid remained on the top in the most famous La Liga clubs list for a long time. The main reason was the Christiano Ronaldo. As he left the team there is a sharp decline in the fan base of the club. Still it is holding 2nd position with 258.3 Million fans worldwide. Instagram has contributed a lot in the fan base as there are 113 Million fans coming from there.

  • Instagram | 113 Million
  • Facebook | 112 Million
  • Twitter | 13.8 Million
  • YouTube | 7.34 Million
  • TikTok | 12.2 Million

Real Madrid has the small fan base on twitter as compared to Barcelona but it is still 13.8 Million. TikTok also contributed a lot in the fame of Real Madrid as more than 12 Million fans are following the club through video sharing platform.

Atletico Madrid – 33.8 Million

Atletico Madrid has followed a sharp rise in the fan bas in the last few years as they performed exceptionally well. Moreover, they also became the champion of 2020-21 season of La Liga. Thus, people have followed the club on social media and tere is a sharp rise in the fan base as it crossed 33 Million. Both Instagram and Facebook, each have 13.9 Million fans of the club.

  • Instagram | 13.9 Million
  • Facebook | 13.9 Million
  • Twitter | 639.4k
  • YouTube | 324k
  • TikTok | 3.8 Million

TikTok is also providing a good fan following to Atletico Madrid as there are 33.8 Million fans of the club. Still, the team is performing good and there are chances that fans following will cross 50 Million mark soon.

Most Popular La Liga Clubs

RankClubsTotal FollowersLa Liga Titles
1Barcelona281 Million26
2Real Madrid258.3 Million34
3Atletico Madrid33.8 Million11
4Valencia6.3 Million6
5Sevilla5.5 Million1
6Real Betis4.4 Million1
7Villarreal3.5 Million0
8Athletic Bilbao2.6 Million8
9Real Sociedad2.1 Million2
10Espanyol1.4 Million0
11Granada1.2 Million0
12Celta Vigo1.2 Million0
13Cádiz1.1 Million0
14Levante1.08 Million0
15Rayo Vallecano888k0

All these details are from the official Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok accounts of the club till April 2022. The details clearly showed that the La Liga clubs are more followed and more popular as compared to Premier League clubs. The most popular Premier League club is Manchester United with 179.18 Million fans while Barcelona FC has 281 Million global fans from official social media accounts only.

If there are any changes in the details, we will update them here. La Liga 2022 season is on its way. Stay tuned for more information.

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