English Premier League Clubs Ranked By Popularity Across Social Media

English Premier League itself is the most popular league in all sports entertainment. Similar way, Premier League clubs have the same leverage of popularity among fans. EPL club’s popularity is not restricted to the mere UK, but it commenced in every region. Most Popular Premier League Clubs include all members of the big six. Outside the Big six, Everton, Aston Villa still running over their past glory.

Key takeaways:

  • Manchester United tops the chart of Most Popular Premier League Clubs with a combined following of 179.18 million.
  • Chelsea and Liverpool are the second and third most popular clubs on social media. 
  • Tottenham Hotspur is the most followed Premier League club on TikTok, with 13 million followers. 

Most Popular Premier League Clubs

The popularity criteria of Premier League clubs are accounted for by their social media followers on these sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • TikTok

based on the number of combined social media followers, Manchester United tops the chart of Most Popular Premier League Clubs with a combined following of 179.18 million. Following United, Chelsea and Liverpool are the second and third most popular clubs on social media.

1) Manchester United – 179.18 Million

  • Instagram: 56.2 Million
  • Facebook: 74 Million
  • Twitter: 32.7 Million
  • Youtube: 4.08 Million Subscribers
  • TikTok: 12.2 million
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Manchester United is the most followed and Popular Premier League club on social media, with more than 179.18 million combined followers across different platforms. As one of the most widely supported football clubs worldwide, Manchester United has 74 million followers on Facebook (This follower count alone is substantially higher than any club’s following on any social media platform).

Moreover, the club also has the highest number of followers on Instagram, with 56.2 Million followers. Manchester United’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo is also currently the most followed person on Instagram, with 398 million followers. 

2). Chelsea- 107.6 Million

  • Instagram: 33 Million
  • Facebook: 49 Million
  • Twitter: 17.1 Million
  • Youtube: 2.9 Million Subscribers
  • TikTok: 5.6 million
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After Manchester United, Chelsea is the second-most followed club in the Premier League. Chelsea has107.6 Million combined followers. If we count London, Then Chelsea is the most popular London-based team.

Chelsea has the second-highest amount of Facebook followers, 49 million, and the second most popular club on Twitter, with 17.1 million followers.

Midfielder N’Golo Kanté is currently the most popular Chelsea player on Instagram, with 12.6 million followers. 

3). Liverpool – 102.91 Million

  • Instagram: 36.6 Million
  • Facebook: 37 Million
  • Twitter: 17.4 Million
  • Youtube: 5.81 Million Subscribers
  • TikTok: 6.1 million

Liverpool is the third most popular club in the Premier League with a combined 102.91 million followers across social media. Liverpool has the second-highest number of followers on Instagram, 35 million followers.

Club also has the third most number of followers on Twitter, with 19 million followers. Currently, Liverpool’s most-followed player on Instagram is forward Mohamed Salah, with a vast 47 million followers.  

Most Popular Premier League Clubs

RankClubsCombined FollowersTitles
1Manchester United179.18 million20
2Chelsea107.6 million6
3Liverpool102.91 million19
4Manchester City89.3 million7
5Arsenal80.3 million13
6Tottenham Hotspur55.6 million2
7Leicester City18 million1
8Everton10.2 million9
9Aston Villa8.5 million7
10West Ham United7.75 million0
11Wolverhampton Wanderers7.52 million3
12Newcastle United6.652 million4
13Southampton5.73 million0
14Watford4.85 million0
15Crystal Palace4.55 million0
16Leeds United3.91 million3
17Norwich City3.28 million0
18Brighton & Hove Albion2.09 million0
19Burnley1.98 million2
20Brentford1.80 million2

Sources: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube.

Note: Combined total of followers from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube as of April 2022. Main official accounts only.