Most Profitable Sports In The World | How Much NFL & FIFA Generates Revenue In a Single Year?

Most Profitable Sports In The World

Sports have been the best source of entertainment from the very beginning but now it is one of the best way to get money into your account. Different promotions and organizations are now holding the events like PPV fights, cricket world cups, car races and wrestling matches which generate huge revenue. Here are the complete details about the top 10 most profitable sports in the world which are making amazing numbers and dominating the globe.

Top 10 Most Profitable Sports In The World

1 – American Football : $17 Billion Revenue a Year :

Although American Football is not very much famous and played mostly across the United States. The biggest league of the sport is National Football League and is enough to generate heavy income. The recent season of NFL generated $17.19 Billion. The reason behind this huge revenue is multibillion dollars sponsorship deals and huge TV broadcasting deals.

2 – Soccer : $50 billion a year :

Soccer needs no introduction as the fans of this prestigious sports spread all across the globe. Many leagues all across the globe has attracted more people in the recent years. Some of the greatest players like Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr are currently active and among the highest paid players. Moreover, various competitions like Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga also generate massive revenue. Reports revealed that the annual revenue of EPL in the last season was $6.5 Billion while that of La Liga is $3.8 Billion.

3 – Basketball: $7 Billion A Year

National Basketball Association features the basketball sport in the world and million of fans from the whole globe watch the glorious competitions on TV. Thus, there is an incredible earning from the broadcasting deals. Moreover, merchandise sales and sponsorships are also there for generating income. Recently, NBA pocketed $6.4 Billion annual money in 2021.

4 – Cricket: $3.5 Million A Year

Cricket has been the favorite sport of Asian countries since beginning but now it is getting fans from US and UK. That’s why ICC, cricket governing body, is now making huge revenue from the competitions like ODI world cup and World T20I. The recent turnover of ICC has crossed the $2.7 Billion for annual competitions.

5 – Formula 1: $1.4 Billion

Formula 1 is the largest car racing event held annually and provides a great sight of high quality racing. The likes of Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel are among the best drivers of the league. As per the official details, the revenue from the lasts season of F1 is about $1.4 Billion.

6 – Wrestling: $1.27 Billion

World Wrestling Entertainment more commonly referred as WWE is the world’s largest wrestling promotion. While many others are also working like AEW and Impact wrestling. Fans from all across the globe wait to see their favorite stars fighting for the championship titles. A single PPV fight can gross up to the revenue of $400 million. Besides, WWE has earned the annual revenue of $1.27 Billion.

7 – Boxing: $1 Billion

Boxing is categorized as one of the best action sport alongside with wrestling and MMA. Some of the big names Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao have played major role in the popularity of Boxing. WBC, WBA and WBC are the most active boxing industries which hold PPV championship fights between big names and earn massive revenue. A single pay per view boxing match can generate the revenue up to $500 million.

8 – MMA: $1.5 Billion

From the last ten years, Mixed Martial Arts appeared as one of the fastest growing sport. No doubt, Ultimate Fighting Championship is the biggest promotion. The biggest MMA fighters like Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva, Khabib and Jon Jones all are contracted to UFC and more often become the part of biggest PPV of all times. A single pay per view can bring the revenue of $180 million. UFC has banked whopping $910 million in the recent year’s cycle.

9 – Tennis: $700 Million

Profitable Sports in World

Tennis is also counted among the most profitable sports as many competitions held on annual basis. The Grand Slams are most followed events which features the world’s best stars and high-profile players. A single event like United States grand slam can make $330 million of revenue.

10 – MotoGP: $300 Million

MotoGP Profitable Sports in World

MotoGP grand prix is the top tier bike racing event like that of Formula 1 which feature car race event. There are different categories like 250cc, 500cc and 1000cc. The revenue turnover for a single MotoGP season is about $250 million.

All these are the details about the top 10 most profitable sports in the world. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!