Who are The Richest MLB Teams | How Much They Earn Annual Revenue? Profit Made from Ticket Sales

Most Richest MLB Teams

Major League Baseball is now become the biggest baseball organizing industry and enormous brandings put it on the top in terms of revenue and money besides the popularity. The biggest brands and companies are endorsing the teams, increasing their market values and annual revenue. Moreover, image rights deals and merchandise sales are also important an important way for teams to bank more money. Here we are ranking the most richest MLB teams based on their net worth to the date.

Most Richest MLB Teams

1 – New York Yankees

  • Annual Revenue: $482 Million
  • Market Value: $6 Billion
  • Net Worth: $5 Billion

New York Yankees has topped the list of richest MLB teams with net worth of $5 billions estimated. There is a huge rise in the market value of franchise and annual revenue generated around $482 million, second highest by any MLB club in a single year. The main reason behind these huge numbers is extensive sponsorship deals with multiple brands including the likes of Pepsi, Maxxis, Sony, Audi, Ford and many others.

2 – Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Annual Revenue: $565 Million
  • Market Value: $4.07 Billion
  • Net Worth: $4.6 Billion

After signing a multi-year deal with one of the most well-known auto parts retailer company Advance Auto Parts, Los Angeles Dodgers experienced a significant rise in their annual revenue and they are generating $565 million in a calendar year. Their performance has been outstanding in the previous few seasons which brings additional money from merchandise sales and taking the total net worth of club up to $4.6 Billion mark.

3 – Boston Red Sox

  • Annual Revenue: $479 Million
  • Market Value: $3.9 Billion
  • Net Worth: $4.4 Billion

The Olde Towne Team is best famous for putting an incredible thrill to the season due to rivalries with other participating clubs. That’s why, Red Sox are always hot favorite for big brands and sign multi-million endorsement deals with the franchise. A recent 10 years partnership with Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company helps The Sox to pay their debt and also makes a solid increment in their net worth which is now $4.4 billion, putting them 3rd in the list of most richest MLB teams.

4 – Chicago Cubs

  • Annual Revenue: $425 Million
  • Market Value: $3.8 Billion
  • Net Worth: $4.3 Billion

Advocate Health Care, American Airlines, Anheuser-Busch, ATI Physical Therapy, Nuveen, Sloan Valve Company, Beam Suntory and many other companies are backing the Chicago Cubs after signing lucrative sponsorships. Consequently, The Cubbies are generating $425 million annually from these deals as well as from merchandise sales. Combining image rights contracts money, the net worth of Chicago Cubs has now crossed $4.3 Billion mark.

5 – San Francisco Giants

  • Annual Revenue: $384 Million
  • Market Value: $3.5 Billion
  • Net Worth: $4.1 Billion

San Francisco Giants although faced a loss in their annual revenue, but the insights of management and marketing sector of franchise has made incredible efforts to maintain the loss and they become able to bag $384 million in the last season. The revised endorsement strategy has attracted new sponsors including the likes of TMG Partners, Wells Fargo Bank, Virgin America and many other popular companies which results in the total net worth to increase to $4.1 Billion.

6 – New York Mets

  • Annual Revenue: $302 Million
  • Market Value: $2.65 Billion
  • Net Worth: $4.05 Billion

New York Mets is one of the most popular franchise of MLB history, having featured some of the biggest names of baseball world in the past. They, they have earned a huge fame over the courses of years and enormous brandings have put them 6th on the list. The team is having the net worth of $4.05 Billions, with a gigantic market value of $2.65 Billions. However, there is a loss in the annual revenue which is $302 million in the last season.

7 – St. Louis Cardinals

  • Annual Revenue: $287 Million
  • Market Value: $2.45 Billion
  • Net Worth: $3.9 Billion

With the total net worth of $3.9 Billions, St. Louis Cardinals is present at number 7 in the list of most richest MLB teams. The club has shown an epic rise in their performance from the last two or three seasons. That’s why, there is an increment in the merchandise sales as well as in the team’s market value. From all the sources, Cardinals is generating annual revenue of $287 millions and their market value is now reaching $2.45 Billions.

8 – Philadelphia Phillies

  • Annual Revenue: $323 Million
  • Market Value: $2.9 Billion
  • Net Worth: $3.85 Billion

Philadelphia Phillies is no way near in this rundown if we go behind 3 or 4 years. But now they are ranked 8th in this rundown. All this is due to their brilliant marketing strategy and promotional tactics which attracted the endorsers to invest money in them. The $95 millions deal of Philadelphia Phillies with Citizen Bank has increased their annual revenue which is $323 million. Moreover, the net worth is now reaching the $3.85 Billion mark.

9 – Los Angeles Angels

  • Annual Revenue: $331 Million
  • Market Value: $2.2 Billion
  • Net Worth: $3.8 Billion

After signing a sponsorship contract with JAE, there is a remarkable increase in the market value of MLB team Los Angeles Angels which is now $2.2 Billions. However, it doesn’t affect the net worth pretty much because the team has signed some of the biggest talent on lucrative contracts. Still, the franchise is making the annual revenue of $331 million. The current net worth of Angels from all sources is $3.8 Billions and they are 9th in the list of most richest MLB teams.

10 – Houston Astros

  • Annual Revenue: $388 Million
  • Market Value: $1.98 Billion
  • Net Worth: $3.75 Billion

It is surprising to see the Houston Astros in this rundown. But, it is because of the market value and annual revenue if the franchise. Astros are making the $388 millions annually and it is only because of their extensive merchandise sales and brand endorsements. Among the major sponsors are Calpine, Cheniere, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Cotton Holdings, Freeport LNG, Halliburton, Lexus, LyondellBasell, OXY, Quanta Services and Schlumberger. The current net worth of Astros is now reached $3.75 Billions.

Ranking The Top 30 Most Richest MLB Teams

#No.TeamsNet WorthAnnual RevenueMarket Value
1New York Yankees$5 Billion$482 Million$6 Billion
2Los Angeles Dodgers$4.6 Billion$565 Million$4.07 Billion
3Boston Red Sox$4.4 Billion$479 Million$3.9 Billion
4Chicago Cubs$4.3 Billion$425 Million$3.8 Billion
5San Francisco Giants$4.1 Billion$384 Million$3.5 Billion
6New York Mets$4.05 Billion$302 Million$2.65 Billion
7St. Louis Cardinals$3.9 Billion$287 Million$2.45 Billion
8Philadelphia Phillies$3.85 Billion$323 Million$2.3 Billion
9Los Angeles Angels$3.8 Billion$331 Million$2.2 Billion
10Houston Astros$3.75 Billion$388 Million$1.98 Billion
11Atlanta Braves$3.5 Billion$443 Million$2.1 Billion
12Washington Nationals$3.45 Billion$322 Million$2 Billion
13Toronto Blue Jays$2.75 Billion$238 Million$1.78 Billion
14Texas Rangers$2.6 Billion$387 Million$2.05 Billion
15San Diego Padres$2.5 Billion$282 Million $1.57 Billion
16Chicago White Sox$2.47 Billion$258 Million$1.76 Billion
17Seattle Mariners$2.4 Billion$313 Million$1.7 Billion
18Baltimore Orioles$2.25 Billion$251 Million$1.37 Billion
19Arizona Diamondbacks$2.2 Billion$267 Million$1.38 Billion
20Colorado Rockies$2.15 Billion$270 Million$1.38 Billion
21Detroit Tigers$2.1 Billion$268 Million$1.4 Billion
22Minnesota Twins$2.075 Billion$268 Million$1.39 Billion
23Miami Marlins$2.05 Billion$240 Million$0.99 Billion
24Cincinnati Reds$2 Billion$266 Million$1.19 Billion
25Oakland Athletics$1.95 Billion$208 Million$1.18 Billion
26Pittsburgh Pirates$1.9 Billion$258 Million$1.32 Billion
27Kansas City Royals$1.85 Billion$263 Million$1.11 Billion
28Tampa Bay Rays$1.5 Billion$252 Million$1.1 Billion
29Cleveland Indians$1.25 Billion$267 Million$1.3 Billion
30Milwaukee Brewers$1.2 Billion$269 Million$1.28 Billion

All these are the details about the most richest MLB teams based on their net worth. The annual revenue of the league’s franchises already revealed. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!