Top 10 Most Watched Football Leagues Worldwide

Football is ranked #1 in the list of most famous sports in the world. More than 4 billion people watched football and that viewership earned football the most famous sport. The popularity of Football is increasing on daily basis.

That’s why more leagues are taking place these days. Other than FIFA Worldcup, Club level football is immensely popular. Across the globe, Many Nations have their own leagues which are popular in their country.

However, some leagues manage to gain viewership from all over the world. On the basis of the popularity of the league and its worth around the globe, FIFA released the list of most-watched football leagues.

Although ranking the best football league in the world is a debate, but some leagues manage to climb up and get in the race. Without any delay, let’s have a look at the most watched football leagues:

Best Football leagues in the world

The list is based on the average crowd attendance in the stadium, TV rights deal, Number in viewership, and Level of competition between the teams.


Premier League (England)

Premier League was founded in 1888. It is an England 1st top flight/division league.

The modern Premier league was founded in 1992 under the name of FA Premier League.

The premier league features 20 teams. Manchester United won the league most number of times.

TV rights deal of Premier league worth around £3.1 billion a year.

The TV Audience of the league is 1.7 billion.

The average match attendance is 38,900.


La Liga (Spain)

In the latest UEFA ranking, La Liga comes second. La Liga was founded in 1929.

Since 1929, 63 teams had played in the Spain top flight but only 9 teams were crowned champion.

Real Madrid comes 1st with 34 titles, followed by Barcelona who won 26 titles. 20 teams feature in La Liga.

With an average attendance of 34,500 on match days, and 900 million viewership from TV, handed La Liga 2nd place in the list.

The biggest reason behind the league’s popularity is featuring the most famous players.

In the last 31 years, almost all the big players had played in La Liga. Messi-Ronaldo rivalry with Barca-Madrid clash every season played a major role in terms of popularity.


Serie A (Italy)

Serie-A is an Italy top division flight, founded in 1929. Serie-A features 20 teams.

Juventus won the most number of league titles (36), however, Ac Milan rules the 1980-2005 bracket.

Serie-A is famous for producing close matches and a good level of defending.

The average crowd attendance is 24000 and tv viewership is 400 million.

#4. Bundesliga (Germany)

Bundesliga is Germany’s top football flight. League was founded in 1962 and 1st season was started in 1963. Bundesliga features 18 teams. Bayern Munich won the most number of titles (30).

However, Bundesliga witnesses the most number of fans in the stadium with an average of 44000 (most for any league match). Tv viewership only gets 300 million viewers.

#5. Ligue 1 (France)

Ligue 1 recently dropped to 6 places in terms of popularity but make a comeback when PSG bought Leo Messi from Barcelona. Little magician arrival, brought millions of fans towards Ligue 1.

League features 20 teams. In recent times, PSG start dominating the league. Ligue 1 enjoys an average of 21,208 attendance on match day. Ligue 1 collects 120 million viewers from TV.

Leagues like MLS, Primera Liga, and Eredivise but don’t have a worldwide audience. have a look at the top 10 most watched football leagues:

RankLeagueAverage Match attendanceTV viewership
1Premier League (England)38,9001.7 billion
2La Liga (Spain)34,500903 million
3Serie-A (Italy)24800380 million
4Bundesliga (Germany)44038298 million
5Ligue 1 (France)21,208120 million
6Primeira Liga (Portugal)25,46298 million
7Eredivisie (Netherlands)19,44990 million
8Major League Soccer (USA)21,692 72 million
9Brasileirao (Brazil)25,89055 million
10Primera Division (Argentina)18,85643 million

FAQs Regarding Most watched football Leagues

Q. In which league Cristiano Ronaldo is playing?

A. Cristiano Ronaldo is playing in the Premier League.

Q. Which League is the best?

A. Premier league.

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