Most Watched Sports Events TV Viewership & Online Streaming | FIFA World Cup Final of 2018 Top List with 1.12 billion Viewership

Most Watched Sports Events

Sports is now just more than entertainment as money has changed the whole scenario. Now, organizers try to held the matches between arch rivals like India and Pakistan, Real Madrid and Barcelona, England and Australia to boom their marketing and grabbing enough money. One of the biggest source of money in sports is the TV broadcast deal. More views lead to a healthy bank balance. There are many contests in the history which broke the viewership records. Here are the complete details about the top 10 most watched sports events in the history.

Most Watched Sports Events

10 – New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons: 110 Million Viewership

National Football League is the biggest tournament across the globe which features the prestigious sport of American Football. Super Bowl is the top tier competition of NFL. In 2017, New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons came across each other where AFC champions Patriots defeated the Falcons. The contest received pretty much attention from the fans as 111 million people watched the live broadcast.

9 – Barcelona vs Real Madrid: 191 Million Viewership

El Clasico 2020 also features the record TV viewership and listed at 9th among the most watched sports events in the history. Real Madrid and Barcelona faced each other for the 2nd time in a single year in October where Barcelona defeated the Madrid. It was a big sight for the football fans present in the stadium and also for the TV viewers. After the contest, official reports revealed that 191 million watch the competition live.

8 – Pakistan vs India: 211 Million Viewership

Pakistan and India are the arch rivals since their independence. Although, both countries suffered many big losses from the rivalry. However, now it becomes a source of marketing and money for all the industries including sports. People from all across the globe love to see these two playing against each other and the sight mostly occurs in cricket matches. After the ban of bilateral series, India and Pakistan played against each other in 2015 World Cup group stage match where 211 Million people see the competition live. Pakistan faced loss in the match.

7 – Pakistan vs India: 273 Million Viewership

The world saw another spectacular match between the 2 arch rivals at the group stage match of ODI World Cup in 2019. India went on winning the contest as Rohit Sharma scored a brilliant century alongside with the stunning fifty from Virat Kohli. It was the first meeting between these two in the world cup stage after 2016. Thus, there was a great hype for the match from both countries and also all across the globe which is proved by the total viewership of 273 Million.

6 – Pakistan vs India: 324 Million Viewership

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 was the event which gathered the world attention as Pakistan and India came across each other twice. It was the big moment for both nations especially for Pakistan as they have already faced a defeat against India in the group stage match. In the final, youngster Fakhar Zaman and Mohammad Amir played brilliantly and helped Pakistan win the trophy. 324 Million people watched the contest live on the TV streams.

5 – Real Madrid vs Liverpool: 380 Million Viewership

Another football contest is listed as the most watched sports events as it received 380 million views globally. Real Madrid and Liverpool came across each other in the final of champions league in 2018. NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kyiv is the host of the contest where Gareth Bale of Real Madrid led his team to the victory and declared as man of the match. The competition was seen live by 380 million fans.

4 – Pakistan vs India: 495 Million Viewership

India-Pakistan are present again in the list as they featured mild blowing contest in the semi final of 2011 world cup. As per the history, Pakistan lost the match and their journey ended in the tournament just before the decider. It was the most cherishing moment for the Indian fans while Pakistanis also saw this disheartening moment live on their TVs, helping the total viewership reach the 495 Million mark.

3 – Sri Lanka vs India: 558 Million Viewership

ODI World Cup is the biggest tournament of cricket industry held after every 4 years. In 2011, India was the host of the competition and after beating Pakistan in the semi, they qualified for the final where they faced Sri Lanka. It was one of the biggest opportunity for India to win their 2nd title and they availed it. After MS Dhoni’s fiery innings, India completed the run chase and lifted the trophy. Around 558 Million people watched the action live on their televisions, making it the most watched sports events.

2 – England vs Italy: 600 Million Viewership

UEFA Euro Cup final 2020 took place under the Covid-19 restrictions. Thus, it gains an immense attraction of the fans on the TV broadcasting and drew a record breaking viewership across the globe. The final took place between England and Italy at the Wembley Stadium, London where only 67,000 people watched the contest in the stadium. Italy won the tournament and match received the TV viewership of 600 Million.

1 – France vs Croatia: 1.12 Billion Viewership

The final of 21st edition of FIFA World Cup which took place in 2018 holds the record of most viewership in all sports. France take on Croatia in the decider match while the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow is the host. It was one of the biggest moment in football history as the world cup underdogs reached the final stage. Although Croatia went on losing the match however, it still make the record of most views with the whopping number of 1.12 Billion views.

Top 10 Most Watched Sports Events In The History

1France vs CroatiaFIFA World Cup Final20181.12 Billion
2England vs ItalyUEFA Euro Final2020600 Million
3Sri Lanka vs IndiaCricket World Cup Final2011558 Million
4Pakistan vs IndiaCricket World Cup Semi-Final2011495 Million
5Real Madrid vs LiverpoolChampions League Final2018380 Million
6Pakistan vs IndiaICC Champions Trophy2017324 Million
7Pakistan vs IndiaCricket World Cup Group Match2019273 Million
8Pakistan vs IndiaCricket World Cup Group Match2015211 Million
9Barcelona vs Real MadridEl Clasico2020191 Million
10New England Patriots vs Atlanta FalconsNFL Super Bowl2017110 Million

Here are the complete details about the top 10 most watched sports events in the history. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!