Most Watched T20 leagues Worldwide

T20 cricket is a Shorter format of cricket. ICC introduced other formats like T10 and 100 ball cricket as well, but fans didn’t get attracted toward it. Recently ICC revealed the most watched T20 Leagues worldwide.

Take a look:

Most watched T20 leagues

Bases on Viewership and Brand value following are the best leagues


Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL was started in 2008 and every year, it’s going stronger than ever.

Indian premier league is ranked number 1 due to its higher viewership and brand value.

IPL has 405 million viewers in India alone.

The brand value o IPL is US $6.1 billion.

Well, there is no element of surprise left to see why IPL stands on the no. 1 rank.

This year IPL will features10 teams for the very first time.


Big Bash League (BBL)

With a market value of US $320 million and 61.17 million in viewership, BBL gets the 2nd ranked on the list.

The first edition of BBL was played in 2011-2012.

Teams consist of 9 domestic and two overseas players.


Pakistan Super League (PSL)

Pakistan Cricket has seen a downfall after the 2009 Sri Lanka incident. International cricket was banned in Pakistan. So, in trying to lift the ban, PSL was formed.

The first edition of PSL was held in 2016.

PSL features 6 teams. Pakistan super league got very popular in a short time frame.

The reason is, Psl produced high-quality matches.

With 57.6 million in viewership and the US $ 300 million brand value, PSL stands 3rd on the list.


Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

CPL has a $271 million brand value. Caribean viewers love to see their star cricketers in the T20 league.

So with a viewership of 44.5 million in total, CPL stands 4th on the list.


T20 Blast

Cricket is given to the world by Britishers.

However, in the early 2000s, England tried to change the format of the game by introducing the T20, and guess what they succeeded.

T20 blast is the oldest active T20 competition. Started in 2003 and still going on.

However, they change the format every year like introducing 100 ball games.

In the start, nations avoid playing T20 cricket. They fear it will ruin the taste of real cricket. However, times have changed and now every cricket nation has its own T20 league.

Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) introduced the concept of a T20 league that will include foreign/Away cricketers with the domestic cricketer.

BCCI launched it with the name of IPL. Format and idea became so successful that every other cricket board adopt them.

Now every nation has its own league. let’s take a look at the complete list of Major T20 leagues:

RankLeagueBrand ValueViewership
1Indian Premier League (IPL)US $6.1 billion405 million viewers in India alone
2Big Bash League (BBL)AUD $320 million61.17 million
3Pakistan Super League (PSL)US $ 300 million57.6 million
4Caribbean Premier League (CPL)$271 million44.5 million
5T20 BlastUS $ 250 million30.5 million
6Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)US $ 120 million35.9 million
7Super Smash (New Zealand)US $ 85 million10.6 million
8Lanka Premier League (LPL)US $ 83 million9.86 million

FAQs Reagrding Most watched T20 leagues

Q. Which league is more famous?

A. IPL is the most famous T20 league.

Q. Which league has the highest brand value?

A. IPL has a brand value of $6.1 billion.

Q. Who introduced the T20 format concept?


Q. Which team won more IPL?

A. Mumbai Indian won 5 IPL trophies.

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