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Most Watched Sports


Most Watched Team Sports Competitions in The World | FIFA World Cup Top The List After Having 3.9 Billion Views

Sports are the best source for entertainment. The competitions produce a new thrill that brings a great fun to the people. That’s why, people from all over the globe love watching sports. However, the choices may be different. Some people love watching football while others love football. Hence the regional popularity changes from place to place. Moreover, instead of Bi-Series, the Global competitions have their own fun as the teams fight with their full strength for the trophy. Here we have a list of the most watched team sports competitions in the world.

Most Watched Sports

Most Watched Team Sports Competitions In The World

Individual sports are also having their own thrill, like tennis is one of the most popular individual sports competition. But the facts showed that people love watching team sports as they find it more interesting.

FIFA World Cup

  • Sport | Football
  • Viewership | 3.9 Billion
  • Upcoming Event | 2022
  • Popularity | Europe, Africa, Asia

Football is the biggest of all sports around the world. There are many competitions of this sport held annually. However, the FIFA World Cup has its own market. Football has billions of follower from all parts of the planet. As, football world cup held after every 4 years, the fever spread everywhere. Besides watching the matches in the ground, people also love to follow the matches on the TV. More than 3.9 Billion fans have watched the FIFA world cup 2018. The final was watched by 600 Million people worldwide.


  • Sport | Various
  • Viewership | 2 Billion
  • Upcoming Event | 2024
  • Popularity | France, America, UK

The summer games or Olympics are one of the best old sports that feature different competitions in a variety of sport. There are many world class sports athletes that are a part of this anticipated competition. Summer games are also held after 4 years and people love to watch their favorite players and teams in this contest.

Cricket World Cup

  • Sport | Cricket
  • Viewership | 1.6 Billion
  • Upcoming Event | 2023
  • Popularity | Asia & UK

The Cricket world cup is also one of the greatest team sports competition. Cricket has its fan following mostly from Asia and UK. However, its fans are present in all the corners of the world. The biggest event of this sport, the world cup organized after every 4 years. Thus, people are eager to watch this mega contest. The last world cup held in 2019 reaches 1.6 Billion viewership.

IIHF World Championship

  • Sport | Ice Hockey
  • Viewership | 1.6 Billion
  • Upcoming Event | 2022
  • Popularity | Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia

The world ice hockey championship has crossed incredible 1.6 Billion viewership in 2019. This shows the increased popularity of this sport in the world. The Ice Hockey championship has a great increase in the fan base and now it is one of the most watched team sports competition in the world.

Basketball World Cup (FIBA)

  • Sport | Basketball
  • Viewership | 1.5 Billion
  • Upcoming Event | 2023
  • Popularity | US, Canada, China

Basketball’s popularity has also increased in the recent years as the last FIBA world cup held in 2019 reached 1.5 Billion views. This shows an immense increase in the worth of this sport. 32 countries are member of Basketball. However, the fans are mostly based in US, Canada and China. The 2023 FIBA world cup is set to get more views as more people have started following this sport.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

  • Sport | Football
  • Viewership | 1.12 Billion
  • Upcoming Event | 2023
  • Popularity | Europe, Asia, Africa

The women’s world cup is an exclusive addition in the list as there is a huge rise in the fan base of women sport particularly football. The last world cup held in 2019 in France which followed the same method as the men’s world cup do. The event get very much attention from the fans and the viewership has crossed record breaking 1.12 Billion views. Thus women world cup became the first women sports competition which got such kind of attention.

Rugby Union World Cup

  • Sport | Rugby
  • Viewership | 857 Million
  • Upcoming Event | 2023
  • Popularity | France, England, New Zealand

Rugby Union is also one of the emerging sport having an increased fan following in the recent years. Many competitions are held around the globe for this famous sport but the world cup won the hearts of the fans. In the last event organized in 2019 at France, the viewership crossed 857 Million views worldwide. The numbers are 26% more than the views in 2015. So, it is also a part of most watched team sports list.

UEFA Champions League

  • Sport | Football
  • Viewership | 400 Million
  • Upcoming Event | 2022
  • Popularity | Europe, Asia, Africa

Another football competition is a part of this list. UEFA Champions League is played among the clubs and organized by European Football Association. The champions league also have a great fan following and people love watching the thrilling matches live in the ground and online on the tv. The last tournament won by Chelsea in 2021 has gathered about 400 Million TV viewership.

Super Bowl

  • Sport | Football
  • Viewership | 140 Million
  • Upcoming Event | 2023
  • Popularity | America

The football event belonging to America has mostly those fans who are based in United States. In the last tournament, there is a sharp increment in the viewership as the fans from outside the America also show interest in this game. The next super bowl competition will take place in 2023 and the chances are there for an increase in the viewership again.

World Series

  • Sport | Baseball
  • Viewership | 15 Million
  • Upcoming Event | 2022
  • Popularity | Africa, US, UK

The world series baseball competition is held annually. Formerly, there are not so many fans of this tournament. However, in the last few years, fans from different parts of the world have started following this sport that has increased the viewership immensely.

CompetitionsViewershipYearNext Competition
FIFA World Cup3.9 Billion20182022
Olympics2 Billion20202024
Cricket World Cup1.6 Billion20192023
IIHF World Championship1.6 Billion20192022
Basketball World Cup1.5 Billion20192023
FIFA Women World Cup1.12 Billion20192023
Rugby Union World Cup857 Million20192023
UEFA Champions League400 Million20212022
Super Bowl140 Million20212022
World Series15 Million20212022

Final Verdict

All these are the details about the most watched team sports competitions in the world. The facts are clearly showing that football competitions have dominated all the other popular sports. If there is any change in the list, we will update the details here. Till then, stay tuned!

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