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MotoGP Riders Cars Collection


Most Famous MotoGP Riders Cars Collection

MotoGP riders are among the highest paid athletes in the world. Thus, these stars live very fleshy lifestyle and own many luxurious vehicles, ranging from Ferrari to Audi and Porsche. The complete details of the most coveted cars collection owned by the MotoGP riders revealed. Despite the fact that they are riders, MotoGP stars proved that they also love driving luxury to their homes.

MotoGP Riders Cars Collection

MotoGP Riders Cars Collection

From generals cars to hybrids, MotoGP riders have the best collection of vehicles. Have a look at the prestigious and expensive cars collection, MotoGP riders possess.

Valentino Rossi

One of the greatest MotoGP rider, not active for the current season, have earned massive in his career. In return, he is spending a luxurious life by having mansions, cars and bikes. Rossi’s collection includes many expensive cars of different companies and love enjoying the drive in them.

  • Ferrari 458 Italia | Rossi’s Ferrari 458 Italia, along with some customization, is his most favorite one. Having a matte black roof, the car provides a stunning view. The doors have 46 number embroidered on the panels.
  • BMW M3 | Another master-piece Rossi has in his garage is BMW M3. He is often seen visiting places in his BMW.
  • Ford Transit | The customized Ford Transit is also there having the capacity to carry a MotoGP bike. Although, it’s not that glamorous but is an important part of Rossi’s collections.
  • F150 Raptor | The quick fire F150 Raptor is rapid and unstoppable, considered best for beach driving. Also, its has a place to carry one bike.

Franco Uncini

The retired MotoGP rider has also some top cars in his collection with the most famous one Audi R8. Uncini made a great statement by keeping this vehicle as it is the first super car produced by Audi. Moreover, he also has a Mercedes and BMW in his collection.

Dani Pedrosa

Another brilliant MotoGP star, Dani Pedrosa loves luxury life style. Thus, have added many cars in his collection. Pedrosa’s top car in his garage is Honda CR-Z which later on, he customized and upgraded to Mugen tuned CR-Z.

Karel Abraham

Karel Abraham always loves splendid life style as his businessman father provided him with a lot of luxury and money. Abraham picked the glamorous Porsche 911 for his garage. Having a customizing touch, the Czech rider loves travelling through his car. Although he faced a lot of criticism in his career. However, performed brilliantly to earn handsome wealth as well.

Mattia Pasini

Pasini went for the most unique ride as he bought Lancia Delta Integrale instead of the latest Ferraris and Audis. His classic Lancia Delta Integrale is thought to be more expensive than Lamborghini Gallardo. Moreover, the customizations have given a magnificent appearance to the car.

Andrea Dovizioso

Dovizioso, professional MotoGP rider from Italy is among the highest paid racer and is active for the current season. Despite the fact that he is a brilliant rider, Dovizioso also showed his driving skills. He loves cars and thus has a expensive Audi A6 Estate in his garage. With its sleek design and efficient engine, the cars provides a super fast drive.

Marco Simoncelli

Simincelli got much success in his professional career and that’s why earned worthy contracts. He spent his wealth on adding luxuries to his life including mansions, cars and motorbikes. The top car he has in his garage is amazing BMW M3 E92 giving a magnificent appearance.

Colin Edwards

Colin Edwards possess the American Muscle in his collection as he loves old vehicles and making customizations in them. Thus, he has at least one American Muscle in his garage and loves to roam about the city in his glamorous and old vehicle.

Randy De Puniet

The French Grand Prix motorcycle racer has a great net worth and is living a top class life with luxury all around. He is having a giant Mercedes SLS AMG suitable to his personality and representing his wealth.

Andrea Iannone

Having performed magnificently in the Grand Prix competitions. Thus, he received worthy contracts. However, not active for the current season. Iannone has stunning Lamborghini Super Leggera in his collection. However, the rider does not hold the rights of the car. He simply using it on rent.

That’s all about the cars collection of MotoGP riders. The salaries and the contracts for the riders also confirmed. Stay tuned for more updates!

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