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NBA Mascots Salaries


NBA Mascots Salaries 2022 | Rocky Is The Highest Paid Mascot In NBA With Per Season Earnings Up To $700,000

Besides the thrilling competitions between the teams, teams have signed Mascots for entertainment and fun. Basketball is no doubt one of the popular world sport and National Basketball Association is the leading league. Here are the complete details about the NBA Mascots salaries and how much they are making from their appearances in the ground.

NBA Mascots Salaries

How Much NBA Mascots Earn?

Not all mascots earn the same. Various factors come into the consideration while talking about the salaries of mascots.

Experience | There comes experience on the top when we talk about the NBA mascots salaries. Generally the experienced earns the most and sign the contracts with the teams. While the rookies make per match earnings and get some good numbers into their accounts.

Amount Of Work | The amount of work also determines the payouts of the NBA mascots. Some only appear only during the match and make earnings. While some teams have contracted with the emblems for making appearances in the pre and post match ceremonies as well.

Contracts | Different teams offer different contracts and salaries to their mascots. Thus, these professionals, although with the same experience, earn different payouts from different teams.

Highest Paid NBA Mascots

Only few mascots are able to earn 6 figure salaries as they made a wonderful showcase of their skills. Below are the highest paid NBA Mascots details.

1 – Rocky

  • Team | Denver Nuggets
  • Earnings/Hour | $650
  • Earnings/Season | $700k

Rocky is the highest paid NBA mascot and is making a respectable income for his extraordinary performances and funny style. He is holding a contract deal with NBA team Denver Nuggets and is banking the annual contract salary of $700k. While the per hour earnings of this professional mascot is also very high and he pockets $650. Moreover, he also appear in the pre and post match shows.

2 – Harry The Hawk

  • Team | Atlanta Hawks
  • Earnings/Hour | $500
  • Earnings/Season | $600k

Atlanta Hawks is waiting to win an NBA championship for so long in its history. However, the team is famous for its aggressive gameplay and the entertainment provided by the mascot. Harry The Hawk is the most famous mascot in the history of NBA and is earning 2nd highest. He is holding the contract for the annual salary of $600k while make per hour earnings of $500 for his appearance into the stadium.

3 – Benny The Bull

  • Team | Chicago Bulls
  • Earnings/Hour | $300
  • Earnings/Season | $400k

Chicago Bulls has offered a worthy contract to their mascot, named Benny The Bull. Benny is an extremely entertaining personality and is one of the greatest source for happiness of the fans. He is taking home the contract salary of $400k for a single season. While the per hour earnings of the Chicago Bull’s mascots has crossed the $300 mark, making him the 3rd highest paid NBA mascot.

Most Famous NBA Mascots Salaries

1RockyDenver Nuggets$650$700k
2Harry The HawkAtlanta Hawks$500$600k
3Benny The BullChicago Bulls$300$400k
4MoondogCleveland Cavaliers$300$400k
5Rumble The BisonOKC Thunder$300$400k
6GorillaThe Phoenix Suns$250$200k
7ClutchHouston Rockets$150$100k
8Hugo The HornetCharlotte Hornets$150$100k

All these are the details about the highest paid NBA mascots and how much they are earning through the contract salaries. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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