Top 5 NFL Players Turned Boxers | Alonzo Highsmith Holds The Most Impressive Record 27-1-2 With 23 KOs

NFL and Boxing are two beloved sports in America and hold popularity worldwide. But one is East is one is south. However, there are or were some NFL players, who despite being professional Footballers, Chose Boxing as the second sport. They went inside the boxing ring for a venture. Not gonna say how successful they got at boxing, but surely we will have a look at those players. So, without any delay, let’s have a look at NFL Players Turned Boxers.

NFL Players Turned Boxers

Both sports are different from each other. One is a combined team effort game, while the other is one-on-one. At NFL, all players wear a helmet, uniforms, and are all padded up. In Pro Boxing, other than gloves and trunks, a protective cup is worn to cover and protect your genitalia. Both wear mouthpieces. However, both sports have some similarities that are:

  • Hard-hitting
  • Physiacal Contact
  • Pysicality and endurance

So, there are some players who try their luck in boxing. They are:

Ray Edwards

  • Sports | Boxing
  • First Career | NFL
  • Country | America
  • Football career | 2006-12 (Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons)
  • Boxing career | 2011-16
  • Boxing record | 12-1-1 with 7 KOs

Edwards was a defensive end and good pass rusher for Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons. Before the NFL, The 6.5 feet Cincinnati product was introduced to boxing as part of his conditioning early in his NFL career. After finishing his NFL career in his mid 20’s he turned pro boxing and his initial days turning gave him a head start when he turned pro. His Boxing career was ended with a knockout loss. Although he competed well in the heavyweight class,

Tom Zbikowski

  • Sports | Boxing
  • First Career | NFL
  • Country | America
  • Football career | 2008-12 (Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts)
  • Boxing career | 16-17
  • Boxing record | 8-0 (5 KOs)

He played defensive back in the NFL for five years for the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts. After that, he moved on to his second sport as a cruiserweight. Before his football career, He reportedly had a record of 75-15 in amateur and reached the Chicago Golden Gloves finals.

He fought professionally once before he joined the NFL and then returned to the sport with three fights during the 2011 lockout season. Tom then fights four more before calling it quits. He later became a firefighter.

Alonzo Highsmith

  • Sports | Boxing
  • First Career | NFL
  • Country | America
  • Football career | 987-92 – Houston Oilers, Dallas Cowboys, T.B. Bucs
  • Boxing career | 1995-98
  • Boxing record | 27-1-2 with 23 KOs

 Alonzo Highsmith was a running back and he played for Houston Oilers, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1987-1002. He was the Oilers’ first-round pick in 1987 out of the University of Miami. He had a few productive years in Houston before a knee injury curtailed his football career. After the injury, he decided to give boxing a try.

His boxing career lasted from 1995-to 1998, putting together a great record of 30 fights, with 27 wins along with 23 KOS, 1 loss, and 2 draws. He never developed refined technique, but he was a solid 6 feet and 230 pounds and had a better feel for the sport than most of those on this list. He went undefeated in his first 28 fights including a victory over Mark Gastineau. Alonzo Highsmith is Most Successful NFL Players Turned Boxers.

Charlie Powell

  • Sports | Boxing
  • First Career | NFL
  • Country | America
  • Football career | 1952-53, 55-57 and 60-61  -S.F. 49ers and Oakland Raiders
  • Boxing career | 1953-65
  • Boxing record | 25-11-3 (17 KOs)

Charlie Powell became the youngest player in NFL history when he signed with the 49ers. He played in the Defensive end. On and off, he keeps making NFL stints. He managed to fight as a heavyweight pro boxer during his football career. During his boxing career, He knocked out longtime contender Nino Valdes in eight rounds in 1959, his greatest victory. However, he was stopped by a 16-0 Muhammad Ali in three rounds.

Gerald Washington

  • Sports | Boxing
  • First Career | NFL
  • Country | America
  • Football career |  2006-07 – Northern Colorado
  • Boxing career | 2012-
  • Boxing record | 20-2 with 18 KOs

Breazeale just played only one football season with Northern Colorado and bids the NFL. It is unusual that he has been much more successful in boxing than he was in football. The 6.7 feet tall, Los Angeles native played quarterback at the community college level and at Northern Colorado. He then turned to become a pro boxer. After leaving the NFL and only three years of training, He made the 2012 U.S. Olympics. His losses came at the two title challenges, against Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

The list will be increased if any NFL player decides to switch careers. However, there are promoters and promotions who are looking to bring top fan-following NFL stars to exhibition matches. If things go well, we can See more NFL footballers will turn boxers in the future if they get good deals.

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