Top 10 Players With Most Red Cards (Sergio Ramos Recevid 1st Red Card For PSG)

The game of Football hardly witnesses a dull moment in a match. Whether team thrashing the opponent or having a close contest, The game of football brings joy.

However, sometimes the game gets spicy and turns into mass action after a player attempts a tackle or makes a challenge.

High pace and losing the match pursue players to make a harsh challenge. As a result, players received a sent-off.

Meanwhile, there are certain players, who enjoy making such challenges and are never afraid to do the dirty tackle. As result, they received a red card.

Based on the data and stats, take a look at the players with most red cards in football history.

#5. Matuzalem-13

Matuzalem was an aggressive Brazillian Midfielder who spent most of his time playing in Serie A.

He received 13 red cards in his professional career while playing for Lazio, Napoli, Hellas Verona, Genoa, Piacenza Calcio, and Brescia Calcio.

#4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sulley Muntari, Alberto Lopo, Giampiero Pinzi & Cyril Jeunechamp-14

We have a tie at number 4 position as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sulley Muntari, Alberto Lopo, Giampiero Pinzi & Cyril Jeunechamp all were awarded 14 Red Cards in their careers.

Zlatan at the age of 40 still going strong and already booked twice in this season. However, his influence on Ac Milan is remarkable.

#3. Gonzalo Rodriguez-15

Gonzalo Rodriguez was an Argentinan defender and a regular face at Villarreal. He spent nine seasons in La Liga, playing for Villarreal, and was sent off 8 times.

However, after leaving the club in 2012, he joined the Italian side Fiorentina and received 6 red cards over 5 years.

#2. Philippe Mexes & Thiago Motta- 16

The Brazillian midfielder and French Centre back, both received 16 red cards in their careers.

Thiago Jotta was sent off 5 times playing for PSG and 8 times for playing at Barcelona.

The french CB, Philippe Mexes received 11 red cards when he was playing for AS Roma.

#1. Sergio Ramos- 27 Red cards

Whenever someone mentions the Red card, the first name that pops up is Sergio Ramos. He justified the reason, as it took only 3 games for Ramos to receive his 1st red with PSG.

In this list, Ramos is leading with more than 11 cards from second place. For Real Madrid, he was sent off 26 times. That’s must be some kind of record.

However, 2020-2021 was the only season, where he didn’t get any red card (due to being riddled by injury).

FAQs Reagarding Players With Most Red Cards

Q. Which Player has The Most Red Cards?

A. Sergio Ramos has 27 red cards.

Q. How many red cards do Pepe have?

A. Pepe received 12 Red cards.

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