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Popular Athletes Turned Criminals


Top 10 Most Popular Athletes Who Turned Criminals

Sports professionals are considered as an ideal by the fans as they serve a lot for the country. However, there are many instances in the history representing the athletes committing crimes. No matter, whatever the cause but they have set bad examples in sports. Here are the top 10 most popular and notable athletes who were turned criminals or found committed of crimes.

Popular Athletes Turned Criminals

Top 10 Most Popular Athletes Who Turned Criminals

There are many reasons why these famous personalities commit such big crimes. Some athletes faced very harsh circumstances in their career. That’s why, they committed crime even robbery to meet their expense. Others can’t control their aggression. Thus, many athletes found themselves in prison and arrests. Below are these top 10 notable athletes.

1 – Mike Tyson

One of the greatest name of the boxing world, Mike Tyson got so much fame in his career. The American professional led a successful career with just 6 losses in his 58 fights. But, he also found committed of many crimes showing the dark side of his career.

Rape | Desiree Washington, a great beauty, claimed in 1991 that Tyson has raped her in his hotel room. At that time Tyson was charged the fine of $30,000. But the next year in 1992, he again faced the same accusation. This time, he was found of one rape count and 2 sexual conducts and sentenced to 10 years prison while 4 years were suspended as he had to serve Indiana Youth Center. But he was released after 3 years in 1995.

Assault | In 1996, Tyson was found assaulting a 62 years old man and kicking him at his groin. For this crime, he faced 1 year prison sentence but found release after spending 9 months in the jail.

Drugs | Tyson was caught in December 2006 with cocaine at a road side search after returning from a club. He was also found using marijuana along with some other anti-depressants. This offensive activity caused him spend 24 hours in jail and also he was sentenced to community service for 360 hours. Moreover, he was also kept under probation for 3 years.

2 – James Butler

James Butler is the former professional boxer who competed between 1996 to 2004. Butler was famous for his extremely aggressive nature and has done many offensive things in his career. Some of his famous crimes are following.

Punch | In 2001, Butler and Richard Grant faced each other in a bout. Grant fought brilliantly and posed a crushing defeat over Butler. In his aggression of losing the fight, Butler couldn’t control himself and punched brutally on Grant. For this offensive activity, he was sent to prison at Rikers Island.

Murder | This is one of the biggest and most shocking crime of the boxing and sports history as Butler murdered Sam Kellerman in his anger. He picked the hammer and struck in his head. Afterwards, he set Kellerman’s apartment to fire. The whole incident happened in 2004. Butler was found committed of this murder and sentenced to the prison for 29 years and 4 month. Currently, he is incarcerated as about 11 years are remaining in his release.

3 – Tom Payne

Tom Payne was one of the most reputed professional basketball player from America. But he was found committed of sexual crimes and faced prison. He was playing for Atlanta Hawks in 1972 when he was found committed of raping a woman. As a sentence, he spent 5 years in Georgia prison.

After his release from Georgia prison, he was caught in another rape case and again sentenced to prison for 6 years and then released in 1983. Payne was seemed addicted to this sexual activity as he was arrested for the third time in 1986. His actions made him one of the most popular athletes who turned criminals. This time, he spent 14 years in the California jail. He was paroled in California in 2000.

4 – Aaron Hernandez

The American football tight end player was the part of New England Patriots when he was convicted to murder. Hernandez was caught as the suspect and later on proved as a murderer. He was declared as the first degree murderer and then sentenced to the prison.

The career of Hernandez came to the end as he was sent to the jail for the whole life without any parole as he shoot Odin Lloyd. During his prison, he committed suicide in 2017 as he can’t bear the pressure and mental disturbance.

5 – Rae Carruth

Another American football player is a part of this lift as he also couldn’t control his aggression and found committed to murder. Carruth was playing for Carolina Panthers and spent a wonderful first season. In 1999, he was caught in the allegation of planning murder of his girlfriend Cherica Adams. Thus, he is at number in the list of popular athletes who turned to criminals.

Carruth hired his friend to kill his pregnant girlfriend. Later on he was caught and after the proofs proved him the culprit, the court sentenced him to the 24 years prison as he was not found first degree murderer. After spending 19 years in the jail, he was released in 2018 but his career ended abruptly.

6 – O. J. Simpson

Simpson was former American footballer who played as a running back in his career. He played wonderfully in his career and got so much fame. But he was also committed to many crimes in his career. After his retirement, he was found guilty of murder, robbery and kidnapping.

In 2007, Simpson was charged with many many accusations. He was found guilty of of conspiring the crime of robbery, murder and kidnaping. Resultantly, he was sent to the prison for 9 to 33 years. Afterwards, he was released after 9 years as he made reforms in his self.

7 – Keith Wright

Keith Wright was one of the best American footballer and played as a defensive tackle. However, he also possessed criminal records and was charged for 19 crimes in 2012. He was found guilty in multiple cases and created a bad impression over the sports man spirit and over his country.

Wright was sentenced to an incredible 234 years and 8 months prison sentence as he was captured for many offensive activities. During the prosecution, Wright was proves criminal for the crimes of robbery, kidnapping, forced oral copulation, first degree burglary, and false imprisonment.

8 – Plaxico Burress

Having played 12 seasons in NFL, Plaxico was also one of the greatest American football player before he was arrested for performing offensive activity. In 2008, Burress was enjoying a party at club while having gun in the right pocket of his jean. The gun slides down his jeans and in an attempt to pick it, he accidently pressed the trigger.

Burress got injured however remained safe as the wound was not life threatening and he released the next afternoon. Afterwards, he went to the police station where he surrendered himself as he posses the gun illegally. The crime was not so much big but he had to spend 2 years in the jail due to delay in his hearing.

9 – Warrington Phillip

Warrington Phillip was the first-class cricketer of West Indies. He played magnificetly in his career and played his role to make his team Nevis surprise semi-finalists of Stanford 20/20 in 2006. But his career got a black end as he was convicted to crime of murder.

In 2006, Phillip wife Shemel was found dead in the back of the car. The only suspect was Phillip and arrested by the police. After the hearing, Jury declared him as the murderer of his wife and sentenced him to the life prison. Now, he is spending his time in the jail as there is no parole for him.

10 – Eric Naposki

Naposki spent a glorious career in NFL and World League of American football as he played from 1988 to 1997. However, his career also found a dejecting end as he is found guilty of committing a crime a murder and is currently spending his life in the prison.

Naposki was in love with Nanette Johnston, the wife of an American businessman Bill McLaughlin. He killed McLaughlin and then the two started spending their lives together. In 2009, a Jury found Naposki as the first degree murderer of McLaughlin and sentenced him to the life prison with a slight possibility of a parole.

All these are the details about the most popular athletes who were found guilty of offensive activities and turned criminals. If there is any change in the details, we will update them here. Stay tuned for more information!

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