Top 5 Most Popular EA Sports Games

Electronic Arts, no doubt is the biggest name of gaming industry and everyone is aware of this brilliant gaming developer. EA has given many classical games to the fans, available to play on PC, play stations and X-box as well. Moreover, EA sports have also made various sports games with realistic graphics for the fans. Here are the complete details about the most popular sports games developed by EA for the sports fans.

Popular EA Sports Games

Top 5 Most Popular EA Sports Games

Electronic Arts have started developing sports games after taking the interest of fans into the account. In beginning, these games did not find too much popularity. Later on, EA has put incredible efforts to include the players’ characters by spending a lot of money. Now, EA has started publishing the games in series which made these games more thrilling.

1 – FIFA Series

  • Sport | Football
  • 1st Edition | FIFA International Soccer (1993)
  • Latest Edition | FIFA 22 (2021)
  • Next Edition | FIFA 23

FIFA is one of the best sports game series and is one the top among the fans regarding popularity. The first edition of this popular sport game released in 1993 under the name FIFA International Soccer. Afterwards, the series started and every next year, a new edition released. In 2021, the latest edition of the game, FIFA 22, arrived. The game became very famous as it features realistic graphics and players’ characters. Now EA is planning to release the new edition of the this prestigious football sports game, FIFA 23.

2 – Madden NFL Series

  • Sport | American Football
  • 1st Edition | John Madden Football (1998)
  • Latest Edition | Madden NFL 22 (2021)
  • Next Edition | Madden NFL 23

After the name of legendary American Footballer player John Madden, EA has started NFL series. The first edition of this prestigious sports game released in 1998 under the name John Madden Football. This sports game series has received so much popularity among the fans that EA has started publishing this game in series. Featuring world’s top players, Madden NFL 22 is the latest edition, released in 2021. While NFL 23 expected to release in 2022.

3 – NBA Live Series

  • Sport | Basketball
  • 1st Edition | NBA Live 95 (1994)
  • Latest Edition | NBA Live 19 (2018)
  • Next Edition | —-

National Basketball Association is the top tier basketball league in the world, having an amazing fan following. Keeping the traffic in view, EA started working on making the NBA series in 90’s. The first edition of NBA Live series released in 1994. While, the latest edition, name NBA Live 19 arrived in 2018. EA is still working on developing the new edition of this world class sports game.

4 – NHL Series

  • Sport | Ice Hockey
  • 1st Edition | NHL Hockey (1991)
  • Latest Edition | NHL 22 (2021)
  • Next Edition | —-

Ice Hockey has still a great fan base. However, this sport went on its peak in the early 90’s. EA has managed developing the NHL series and released the first edition named NHL Hockey in 1991. Fans have liked this sports game very much. Thus, EA has continuously published the new editions of the game. The last edition arrived in 2021 which was NHL 22.

5 – EA Sports UFC Series

  • Sport | MMA
  • 1st Edition | EA Sports UFC (2014)
  • Latest Edition | EA Sports UFC 4 (2020)
  • Next Edition | —-

EA Sports UFC is also among the most popular sports game featuring the mixed martial artist contests. Developed with the collaboration of EA Canada and SkyBox Labs, EA has published the 1st edition, named EA Sports UFC in 2014. The game became much famous in no times. Thus, EA has developed more editions of this sports game and the latest arrived in 2020 under the name EA Sports UFC 4.

All these are the details about the most popular EA sports games in the world. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!