Popular Extreme Sports In the World | Involve Heavy Risk of Serious Injuries

Popular Extreme Sports

Each country has it’s own traditional sports, hockey, football, cricket, tennis, baseball and basketball. There are some sports that were extreme never hear about it much but popular among the people. In the past decade there is a time when the sports like dirt biking, bungee jumping, snowboarding considered dangerous, because there is high-level of injury risk attach to it. Extreme sports still popular in countries.

Wingsuit Flying | Popular in Europe

Wingsuit Flying is one of the most dangerous sports considered right now in the world, a single mistake can lead towards the death. The suit well known as “human wing” but this sports come with lot of risk and practice need to do it perfectly .

Creeking | Famous in Portugal & Austria

Creeking is branch of canoeing and kayaking, the sports held in the very steep low-volume whitewater. In in order to help prevent tipping into the water, a wider bow and stern used to stable. If the balance becomes unstable at low-volume water on hard rocks injuries can be serious. It’s worldwide accessible extreme sports, offered in adventure parks.

Famous Austria, places for creeking extreme sports:

  • River Rosanna, Austria
  • River Ötz, Austria
  • Swiss Inn, Austria
creeking is branch of canoeing

Calcio Fiorentino | Still Popular In Italy

Calcio Fiorentino, is one of the oldest sports in the world, it’s played in 59AD. It’s known “The Florence Kick” it’s played between two teams where 27 players involve, it’s like football but different variations and rules used for, the players have to score goal by any means. The field is covered with sand and the 55 minutes played among two teams required good physical existence during the match to push, run and defend. This is the early form of football discovered in Middle Ages in Italy.

Calcio Fiorentino, is one of the oldest sports

Chessboxing | Famous In United Kingdom, Russia

Chess boxing is hybrid sport, the sports found on two traditional disciplines chess and boxing. There are two governing bodies for the Chessboxing competition (World Chessboxing Association) and World Chess Boxing Organization. It’s invented by (French comic book artist) Enki Bilal and later it’s adapted by the Dutch performer (Iepe Rubingh)

Rules for Chessboxing | How the match ends

  • The match consist of 11 rounds
  • Each round time is 3 minutes
  • 1 minute break
  • The rounds were played under time control
  • the match can be ended as Victory by knockout
  • Victory by technical knockout in boxing
  • Victory by checkmate in chess
  • Loss by resignation in either discipline
  • Disqualified by the referee due to multiple violations in both disciplines
Chessboxing | Famous In United Kingdom, Russia

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