Record Highest Goals Scored In A Calendar Year

After Yesterday league game, Lewandonaski Officially passed the Cristiano Ronaldo telly of highest goals scored in a calendar year. Besides that, he becomes the player with the most Bundesliga goals in a calendar year as well. However, Messi still holds the record for the most number of goals scored in a calendar year.

Lionel Messi

Leo win the record 7th Ballon d’Or this year. Despite all the odds and beating Lewandowski in the voting, He proved that why He is the greatest among all.

Now enjoying a new role of a playmaker, he still manages to score the most goals for his club and team. Peak Messi came on the surface in 2012, when he broke the Gerd Muller record of 85 goals in a calendar year.

He scored 91 goals in 2012 for club and country in all competitions. 91 goals came in just 69 games with an average of goals every 66 minutes.

69 out of 91 was scored for Barcelona, which is consisted of:

  • 13 goals in 12 Champions League matches
  • 5 goals in 8 Copa del Rey games
  • 2 goals in 2 Supercopa matches
  • 59 goals in 38 league appearances

2012 was remembered for Leo Messi’s breakout performance.

Gerd Muller

Germany and Bayern Munich all-time legend, Gerd muller in 1972 set the record for Highest Goal Scored In A Calendar Year. Legend of the game scored 85 goals in 60 appearances.

He set all-time records in 1972, scored 42 goals in 34 league games. won the league with Bayern. His record of 85 goals in a calendar was stand for almost 40 years until Leo Messi broked by scoring 91 goals.

Apart from that, he scored 14 goals in WorldCup as well The record which stand for 32 years.

Robert Lewandoski

2021 is a year of Polish strikers. He is the highest goal scorer of this year. He scored 70 goals in 59 games in all competitions for the club and country. In Bundesliga, He scores a record of 43 goals this year, One more the Gerd Muller.


most goals in the calendar year 2021

  • 44 goals scored in the Bundesliga in 2021
  • 11 Champions League goals
  • 2 goals per DFB-Pokal game
  • 13 international goals

With his 70 goals in a calendar year, He stands higher in football greats ranks. However, He is still far behind from breaking the record of highest goal scored in a calendar year which is 91 goals, Scored by Lionel Messi.

Apart from these players, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the highest calendar goals for 3 straight seasons.

He scored 69 goals in 2013, 63 in 2012, and 61 goals in 2014. Such consistency can’t be matched and proved why he’s one of the greatest of the game.

Let’s take a look at the players with Record Highest Goal Scored In A Calendar Year:

Rank Player GoalsYear
1Lionel Messi912012
2Gerd Müller851972
4Romário72 2000
6Zico72 1979
7Robert Lewandowski702021
8Cristiano Ronaldo692013
9Cristiano Ronaldo 632012
10Cristiano Ronaldo 612014

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