Top 15 Richest NASCAR Drivers | Dale Earnhardt Jr Tops The List With The Net Worth Of $300 Million

Just behind the Formula 1 is another racing industry, named NASCAR which is also popular among the racing fans. NASCAR drivers do not earn as much as F1 drivers and do not earn worthy contracts generally. However, some have made whopping money and signed expensive contracts in their career. Here are the complete details about the richest NASCAR drivers and their net worth.

Richest NASCAR Drivers

Richest NASCAR Drivers

NASCAR has given some legendary drivers who made her mark in the world for their exceptional talent and racing skills. Thus, they earned ludicrous contracts with the teams and take big numbers to their homes. Below are the richest NASCAR drivers in the world.

1 – Dale Earnhardt Jr

  • Net Worth | $300 million
  • Status | Retired
  • Country | America

Earnhardt Jr, professional racer from America has spent a leading career in stock car racing and is one of the successful NASCAR driver. For his exceptional racing skills and brilliance on the road, he has signed expensive contracts with the teams. Thus, the American professional is the richest NASCAR driver in the world. His estimated total net worth has crossed $300 million mark.

2 – Jeff Gordon

  • Net Worth | $150 million
  • Status | Retired
  • Country | America

Currently performing duties as the vice chairman of Hendrick MotorSport, Gordon is one of the greatest stock car racing driver of all times. For his exceptional performance, he has made a great deal of money through endorsements and contracts. Jeff Gordon has a current net worth of $150 million. He has last played his NASCAR race in 2016.

3 – Jimmie Johnson

  • Net Worth | $120 million
  • Status | Retired
  • Country | America

Jimmie Johnson is currently competing in IndyCar series. However, spent an outstanding career in NASCAR Cup Series. Jimmie has performed exceptionally well and has earned a whopping net worth of $120 million from the racing world. Thus, he is 3rd in the list of the richest NASCAR drivers. Moreover, he also has earned undisclosed bonuses.

4 – Tony Stewart

  • Net Worth | $100 million
  • Status | Retired
  • Country | America

3 times NASCAR Cup Series champion is present in the list at 4th number as he has current net worth of $100 million from the racing world. Tony has won the championships in 2002, 2005 and 2011. Thus, he is the leading driver and has earned expensive contracts. Moreover, he is also racing in IndyCar Series and is the only driver to win races both in IndyCar and NASCAR racing.

5 – Kevin Harvick

  • Net Worth | $90 million
  • Status | Active
  • Country | America

Kevin Harvick is currently competing in the NASCAR Cup Series and playing for the Stewart-Haas Racing team. He is driving Ford Mustang and performing magnificently well. Harvick is at number 5 in the list of riches NASCAR drivers as he has a net worth of $90 million. Still, he is active and is looking forward to make more money from his racing career.

Top 15 Richest NASCAR Drivers

#No.DriversNet WorthNASCAR Contract
1Dale Earnhardt Jr$300 million
2Jeff Gordon$150 million
3Jimmie Johnson$120 million
4Tony Stewart$100 million
5Kevin Harvick$90 millionStewart-Haas Racing
6Kyle Busch$80 millionJoe Gibbs Racing
7Denny Hamlin$80 millionJoe Gibbs Racing
8Ken Schrader$75 million
9Mark Martin$75 million
10Danica Patrick$70 million
11Dale Earnhardt Sr$70 million
12Richard Petty$70 million
13Matt Kenseth$60 million
14Cale Yarborough$50 million
15Kasey Kahne$50 million

All these are the details about the richest NASCAR drivers and how much they have earned through their racing career. If there is any change in the details, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!