Richest Sports Teams Owners In America | Steve Ballmer Owner of LA Clippers Top The List with Net Worth $83 billion

Richest Sports Teams Owners In America

Becoming a team owner is not very easy as you have bucks of extra money to spend on players. Thus, only billionaires are able to afford such expensive franchises. As we all know, America is one of the top country in business world and most of the greatest entrepreneurs belong to United States who can purchase teams. Here we will show you the complete details about the top 10 most popular and richest sports teams owners in America.

Top 10 Most Popular & Richest Sports Teams Owner In America

1 – Steve Ballmer: $83 Billion Team (Los Angeles Clippers)

Money helps you enjoy your dreams and same is the case with Steve Ballmer as he is the current owner of Los Angeles Clippers team, competing in NBA. Ballmer is no where near to the man at 2nd place as he is currently having the net worth of $83 Billion. He is one of the greatest businessman in America’s today history with multiple investments in different industries. The major source of his annual income is the revenue coming from these parties. Thus, he is at the top of the list of richest team owners in America.

2 – Rob Walton: $61 Billion : Team (Denver Broncos)

Having the net worth of $61 Billion from all the sources, Rob Walton is also the part of list. He is best known for his incredible passion towards the sports industry and has purchased the Denver Broncos team. Broncos is the top tier franchise of National Football League and is no doubt, one of the biggest investment of Walton’s life. He is looking forward to purchase the ownership rights of many other teams competing in different leagues as well as it will bring bucks of money to his account.

3 – David Tepper: $18.5 Billion : Team (Carolina Panthers)

David Tepper is very intelligent businessman and with his exceptional marketing skills, he is now included in some of the top businessmen of America. Besides his entrepreneur career, Tepper is also very fond of sports particularly American Football. To accomplish his interest, he made investment in the Carolina Panther team of National Football League and appeared many times in the ground, cheering with players and distributing the surprises and rewards.

4 – Robert Pera: $17.6 Billion : Team (Memphis Grizzlies)

Robert Pera is next to our list as he is the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies team of the National Basketball Association. He is having the current net worth of $17.6 Billion. Most of his balance comes from the business investments. Pera is the founder Ubiquiti Networks which is one of most popular Global Telecommunication company. He is looking forward to bag more revenue by purchasing some other sports teams.

5 – Steve Cohen: $17.5 billion : Team (New York Mets)

Major League Baseball is now getting to the top in the list of most famous leagues. In the recent years, there is an immense increase in its fan following and thus, the value of teams also increased. Only few billionaires can afford to be the owner of MLB franchises and Steve Cohen is one of them. With the net worth of $17.5 Billion, he is present at number 5 in the list of richest sports team owners in America. Cohen is the current owner of New York Mets and there are chances that he will buy more teams in near future.

6 – Daniel Gilbert: $17.3 Billion : Team (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Daniel Gilbert has made multiple investements in sports and has great passion towards football and basketball. He is the owner of many teams including American Hockey League’s Cleveland Monsters, and the NBA G League’s Cleveland Charge. Moreover, his biggest investment came in the form of NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers. The current net worth of Daniel Gilbert is $17.3 Billion and most of it comes from his company Rocket Mortgage.

7 – Jerry Jones: $16 Billion : Team (Dallas Cowboys)

Jones is very much fond of sports is performing the duties as owner and manager of Dallas Cowboys. His current net worth is $16 Billion and the team is his greatest investment of his life. Dallas Cowboys is one of the top tier American football club and competes in National Football League. The major chunk of Jerry’s income comes from the team’s merchandise sales and sponsorships.

8 – Stanley Kroenke: $12.9 Billion : Team (Los Angeles Rams)

Stanley Kroenke is American billionaire businessman and is running his company named Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. He is one of the biggest investors of sports world and also has purchased the Premier League team Arsenal. Among the other teams, he holds the ownership rights of Los Angeles Rams of NFL and Colorado Avalanche of the NHL. The total net worth of Stanley is $12.9 Billion and it will surely increase in the coming days.

9 – Stephen Ross: $11.6 Billion : Team (Miami Dolphins)

Included in some of the top philanthropist and real estate developers of America, Stephen Ross has also invested money in multiple sports teams. Miami Dolphins is one of the greatest example of his interest in sports as he is holding the ownership rights of NFL team. The biggest source of Ross’ income is his enterprise named The Related Companies. Moreover, he is enjoying the ownership rights of American Football League.

10 – Shahid Khan: $11.2 Billion : Team (Jacksonville Jaguars)

The co-owner of All Elite Wrestling Shahid Khan is one of the greatest sports personality. He is Pakistani-American businessman with multiple investment in different leagues. Jacksonville Jaguars, professional franchise of NFL and Fulham F.C. of the Premier League are under the ownership of Shahid. His net worth estimated by the experts is $11.2 Billion and expected to be more in upcoming seasons.

All these are the details about the top 10 most popular and richest sports teams owners in America. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!