Sports League With Highest Attendance | NFL At Top With Average Attendance Of 69,487 Per Game

There’s no doubt that football indeed is the most-watched sport. Then onwards come to NBA, NHL, NFL, and Cricket. However, that’s the general and overall case. Each sport has its own league which contributes the most to increase its popularity. Apart from TV rights deals and Broadcasting deals, What makes the league most profitable is its Gateway income, Coming from match attendance. Sports League With Highest Average Attendance eventually ends up making big bucks. Based on that, let’s see what are the top 10 Sports League With Highest Attendance in overall sports.

Sports League With Highest Average Attendance

10). Serie-A

  • Avg Attendance: 24,931
  • Season Attendance: 9.1 Million
  • No. of Matches: 380
  • No. of Teams: 20

Serie-A enjoys an average crowd attendance of 24,931. Almost 9.199 million fans attend 380 games. Serie-A match attendance is increased compared to last year. The league draws an annual viewership of 400 million.

9). Nippon Pro League (NPL)

  • Avg Attendance: 26,450
  • Season Attendance: 22 million
  • No. of Matches: 12
  • No. of Teams: 864

Japan baseball league is widely popular in the region. Almost 22 million fans attended 864 games at an average of 26,450 per game. 12 teams compete in the tournament.

8). La Liga

La Liga
  • Avg Attendance: 27,200
  • Season Attendance: 10 million 
  • No. of Matches: 380
  • No. of Teams: 20

La Liga is the second most-watched football league in the world right now. However, in terms of Average attendance, the League is 3rd ranked behind Bundesliga and Premier League. La Liga eyes 27,200 average match attendance. Total 380 games played between 20 teams and generated season attendance of 10 million.

7). Big Bash

Big Bash Prize Money
  • Avg Attendance: 29,000
  • Season Attendance: 1.1 million
  • No. of Matches: 35
  • No. of Teams: 8

Australian cricket league Big Bash enjoys an Average attendance of 29,000. League is flooded with national team star players. Aussies love cricket ad enjoy the winter season time watching Big Bash. Big bash has a season attendance of 1.1 million in 35 matches. Total 8 teams compete in the tournament.

6). Major League Baseball (MLB)

  • Avg Attendance: 30,500
  • Season Attendance: 73 million
  • No. of Matches: 2426
  • No. of Teams: 30

Americans and their obsession with their regional sport are not hidden from the world. unlike many sports, baseball is only played in American regions or some parts of japan. Here in America, it enjoys average attendance of 30,500. Total 30 teams compete in the tournament over 2428 matches and enjoy the 73 million seasonal attendance. Most for any league.

5). Indian Premier League (IPL)

Most Valuable IPL Player
  • Avg Attendance: 32,800
  • Season Attendance: 3 million
  • No. of Matches: 60
  • No. of Teams: 8

IPL is the most lucrative Cricket league in the world. With mere 8 teams and a combined 60 matches, They draw a season attendance of 3 million. The average attendance of IPL stands at 32,800. Despite every evening match, even on weekdays is houseful. the only reason 1.2 billion people country is not ranked higher on the list is due to low capacity stadiums. once the stadium sitting capacity increases, IPL will be in the top 3.

4). Australian Rule Football (AFL)

  • Avg Attendance: 33,600
  • Season Attendance: 6.9 million
  • No. of Matches: 207
  • No. of Teams: 18

AFL takes place in 1 country continent, Australia. A large group of people comes out every weekend for the matches. Taking the average attendance to 33,600. Season Attendance is 6.9 million in 207 matches.

3). Premier League

  • Avg Attendance: 37,400
  • Season Attendance: 14.1 million
  • No. of Matches: 380
  • No. of Teams: 20

English Premier League came at third on the list with an average attendance of 37,400. Although Premier League is the most-watched league in the world including TV streaming and broadcasting. But in live match attendance, the league falls behind Bundesliga. Premier league enjoys season attendance of 14.1 million in total 380 matches.

2). Bundesliga

  • Avg Attendance: 43,500
  • Season Attendance: 13.3 million
  • No. of Matches: 306
  • No. of Teams: 18

Germany Top tier league Bundesliga holds an average match attendance of 43,500. The season attendance avg is 13.3 million in combined 306 matches. Apart from that, there’s a very slight chance where you see empty stands in Bundesliga. evert match is pumped with the crowd.

1). NFL

NFL's sponsorship deals
  • Avg Attendance: 69,487
  • Season Attendance: 17.8 million
  • No. of Matches: 256
  • No. of Teams: 32

The NFL remains the best attended professional domestic sports league in the world. Over the last few years, the total attendance at regular-season games of the National Football League has consistently been at more than 16 million per season. Almost 17.8m fans attended 256 games at an average of 69,487 per game. There are around 32 teams divided into two divisions of 16 teams each and around 256 matches are played each season including the playoffs and the big super bowl.


RankLeagueAvg. AttendanceSeason AttendanceTeamsMatches
3Premier League37,40014.1m20380
7Big Bash 29,0001.1m835
8La Liga 27,20010m20380
9Nippon Pro League 26,45022m12864
10Serie-A24,931 9.1m20380

Formula 1 is not included in the list as this is a domestic Sports League With Highest Average Attendance. Formula 1 falls in the international circuit. However,  Formula 1 will easily come into the top 5 places of average attendance. Formula 1 season had around 20 Grand Prix races and the average attendance was around 161,000 a week throughout the season with a total of 2.7 million people visiting the F1 circuit during the Grand Prix.

FAQs Reagrding Post

What is the average match attendance of Bundesliga?

Average Match Attedance of Bundesliga is 43,500.

What is the average match attendance of the Premier League?

The average Match Attendance of the Premier League is 37,400.

Top 5 leagues with Highest Average match Attendance?

1). NFL
2). Bundesliga
3). English Premier League
4). AFL
5). Indian Premier League

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