T20 Cricket leagues with Highest Prize Money

The craze of T20 cricket is increased among fans in recent years. Being the Shortest format of the game, T20 cricket brought more fans towards the stadium. Keeping in mind the popularity of the game, many cricket Boards introduced T20 leagues. Every league has different prize money to offer. Take a look at which league ranked first based on the T20 leagues prize money.

T20 LeaguesTotal Prize MoneyWinners ShareCurrent status
Indian Premier League$7.2 Million$2.9 Million Active
Pakistan Super League$1 Million$500k Active
Big Bash League$3 Million$600,000 Active
Bangladesh Premier League $1.55 million$850,000 Active
Natwest T20 League$2.5 million$450,000 Active
Caribbean Premier League$1 Million$450,000 Active
T20 Global League$850,000$480,000 Non-Active
Champions League Twenty20$6 million$2.5 million Non-Active
T20 Cricket Leagues With Highest Prize Money

with a brand value of over $6.1 billion dollars, Indian premier leagues offer the most prize money to the winning team.

Pakistan super leagues increased almost 250% in prize money for the upcoming season. PSL winner of 2021 got $500k .

Let’s check on the details of the top 3 ranked T20 leagues.

Top 3 T20 leagues

#1 IPL

Indian Premier League is the most-watched T20 league.

IPL has a brand value of $6.1 billion.

League was started in 2008 and still going on.

With the Total Prize Money of $7.2 million, it ranked Number 1.

#2 PSL

Pakistan super league was started in 2016.

In a short amount of time, PSL gains popularity by producing quality matches.

PSL offer $1 million total prize money with a $500k million winners share.

League owners will increase the prize money for the upcoming season.

#3 BBL

Big Bash League was started in 2011-2012.

From that moment, League never witnesses a dull season.

Quality matches played among teams. So far BBL held 10 seasons.

Bag bash leagues give $600,000 as a tournament-winning prize to Sydney sixers.

FAQs Regarding T20 leagues prize money

Q. What is the prize money for winning PSL?

A. The prize money for this year’s PSL was $2.1 million.

Q. How much IPL is paying as Total Prize money?

A. $7.2 Million.

Q. What is the prize for winning BPL?

A. $850,000

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