UFC Fighters Who Own Expensive Yachts | McGregor Owned $3.5 million Worth Yacht

UFC Fighters Expensive Yachts

UFC has given rise to so many many big names but only few fighters are able to grab enormous numbers, enough to purchase yachts and private jets. UFC offers insane amounts to the fighters for signing contracts to appear in the big fights. Moreover, PPV share revenue is also available for big guns. Here are the complete details about the most popular UFC fighters who own expensive yachts.

UFC Fighters Who Own Expensive Yachts

Conor McGregor

  • Guaranteed Purses | $3.5 million
  • PPV Share | $60%
  • Yacht | Lamborghini Super Luxury Yacht
  • Price | $4 million

Conor McGregor, professional mixed martial artist from Ireland is the highest earning athlete in the UFC history. The MMA giant is grabbing $3.5 million as his guaranteed base salary. While the other junk of his income comes from his endorsements, sponsorships and PPV revenue share. McGregor is also the part of highest payday UFC fights and earned whopping money.

The Irish-man is living in luxury and has hot cars and luxurious mansions. Moreover, he also bought an expensive yacht and often seen spending his time on-board. His super luxury Lamborghini Yacht cost him $4 million. The main features of his yacht are following.

  • High Speed | The yacht features a pair of V12 engines, having 2,000 horsepower. Thus, it can easily cross the 40kph and provides a thrilling experience of the ride. Besides this high speed, cruising on this Lamborghini yacht gives no jerks and hence a smooth ride can be enjoyed.
  • Sleek Design | McGregor’s yacht has a sleek design and the streamline shape helps in its speed. Moreover, the body has carbon fibers in its construction that makes its extremely light in weight.
  • Gorgeous Interior | The interior of Lamborghini cruiser is excellent and exhibits the top class lightening and other attributes. The engine and the driving zone looks like the replica of Sian FKP 37.

All these are the details about the most popular UFC fighters who own expensive yachts. If there is any update in the data, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!