UFC Highest PPV Buys | Khabib vs McGregor Breaks All Records Generated $180m+ on PPV event day

UFC Highest PPV Buys

Ultimate Fighting Championship, most commonly referred as UFC is no doubt, the biggest promotion in the history of Mixed Martial Artists world. Many of the widely known fighters are part of the promotion featuring the high quality contests. The Pay Per View event fights watched all across the globe, generating the massive revenue. Here we will show a run-down of highest PPV buys in the history of UFC as many big names were the part of these events. Also, the revenue details generated in them are available. All the data is based on the reports provided by the official sources.

Highest PPV Buys In UFC

10 – Aldo vs McGregor: 1,200,000 PPVs Sold

With 1,200,000 PPV purchases, Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor fight is at number 10. Both MMA fighters faced each other for the Featherweight Championship title in the main event of UFC 194. The event took place in 2015 and streamed live across the world with McGregor getting the victory. The total revenue generated from the PPV sales was $80 million.

9 – Usman vs Masvidal: 1,300,000 PPVs Sold

Kamaru Usman has faced Jorge Masvidal in another big contest of the promotion’s history. Both fighters faced each other in Welterweight championship title fight in the main event of UFC 251 which took place in the year 2020. Usman vs Masvidal featured another great site about the love of fans towards the MMA and UFC. The fight received PPV sales of 1,300,000. Moreover, these sales generated the revenue of $90 million.

8 – Alvarez vs McGregor: 1,300,000 PPVs Sold

Conor McGregor has been featured in many big pay per view fights. One of them is UFC 205 which took place in 2016 where another record for highest PPV buys in the history of UFC created. 1,300,000 people watched the event live online which generated the total revenue of $83 million for the main event.

7 – Lesnar vs Mir 2: 1,300,000 PPVs Sold

Having 1,300,000 pay per views sold in his fight against Frank Mir, Broke Lesnar became one of the biggest name in business as he remained the part of big grossing events in his career in UFC. Both fighters faced each other in the main event title fight of UFC 100 where Lesnar went on winning the Heavyweight championship. Now, Lesnar is competing in the biggest wrestling promotion WWE and is among the highest paid wrestlers.

6 – McGregor vs Diaz: 1,317,000 PPVs Sold

Diaz vs McGregor fight is present at number 6 as 1,317,000 PPVs sold for the main event. McGregor is no doubt the money king in UFC as his fight in UFC 196 against Nate Diaz grossed $77 million. It was one of the memorable fight of McGregor’s career and UFC history as he faced defeat his opponent and lost the chance to win Welterweight championship.

5 – McGregor vs Cerrone: 1,353,429 PPVs Sold

In UFC 246 which took place in 2020, McGregor takes on Donald Cerrone, famous for the name of Cowboy, for giving the world UFC welterweight champion. The fight scheduled to take place in the main event and received 1,353,429 PPV sales which generated the revenue of $80 million as pandemic caused serious trouble for watching fight live in arenas.

4 – Poirier vs McGregor 3: 1,504,737 PPVs Sold

It was the 3rd contest between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor which took place in 2021 as both fighters came across each other in UFC 264. It was another high grossing fight as the revenue generated from the event is $95 million. The total PPV sales for the main fight was 1,504,737 in which Poirier won the Lightweight championship title.

3 – Diaz vs McGregor 2: 1,600,000 PPVs Sold

Not very much shocking to see McGregor again in the list as his rematch against Nate Diaz also became the part of list just as of his previous. Both MMA stars came across each other again in UFC 202 in 2016. They highlighted the main event with Welterweight championship fight where McGregor take the lead. The total revenue generated is $90 million as the recorded PPV sales were 1,600,000 for the main event.

2 – Poirier vs McGregor 2: 1,600,000 PPVs Sold

Poirier vs McGregor rematch took place at UFC 257 in 2021 under the Corona Pandemic crisis. Thus, it recorded another highest PPV sales which were 1,600,000 generating the revenue of $120 million. McGregor went on facing another defeat and also lost the chance to win UFC Lightweight championship title. However, earned the second biggest revenue from his PPV fights so far to the date.

1 – Nurmagomedov vs McGregor: 2,400,000 PPVs Sold

UFC 229 was no doubt, the biggest pay per view event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship as it featured the record PPV sales of 2,400,000. The numbers are 800k more than that of Poirier vs McGregor 2. In the main event fight, 2 bigby of MMA world Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov came across each other for the lightweight championship with Nurmagomedov getting the title. The gross revenue generated by the PPV sales was $180 million.

Top 13 Highest PPV Buys In The History Of UFC

#No.Main EventPPVYearPPV BuysRevenue
1Khabib vs McGregorUFC 22920182,400,000$180 million
2Poirier vs McGregor 2UFC 25720211,600,000$120 million
3Diaz vs McGregor 2UFC 20220161,600,000$90 million
4Poirier vs McGregor 3UFC 26420211,504,737$95 million
5McGregor vs CerroneUFC 24620201,353,429$80 million
6McGregor vs DiazUFC 19620161,317,000$77 million
7Lesnar vs Mir 2UFC 10020091,300,000$82 million
8Alvarez vs McGregorUFC 20520161,300,000$83 million
9Usman vs MasvidalUFC 25120201,300,000$90 million
10Aldo vs McGregorUFC 19420151,200,000$80 million
11Lesnar vs CarwinUFC 11620101,160,000$55 million
12Tate vs NunesUFC 20020161,100,000$71 million
13Rousey vs HolmUFC 19320151,100,000$60 million

All these are the details about the top 10 highest PPV buys in the history of UFC with Conor McGregor dominating the list. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!