Weirdest Clauses In Footballer’s Contracts

Footballers and Clubs usually agreed upon Clauses when signing a contract. The clauses can be related to performance-based bonuses or prevent a player from leaving halfway. However, that’s not all they asked. Sometimes, Footballers or Clubs demand or asked some ridiculous Clauses to be put in the contract. From Luis Suarez’s clause to prevent him from bitting to Ronaldinho partying all night, Here are the 10 Weirdest Clauses In Footballer’s Contracts ever.

Weirdest Clauses In Footballer’s Contracts

The list is filled with engaging clauses demanded by either Players or Clubs. The weirdest Clauses In Footballer’s Contracts lists are:

9). Edmundo Neto

In 1997, Edmundo Neto was playing for Serie A club Fiorentina. Edmundo Neto was famous for partying like all Brazilians. Hence the player had a contract that said he could go back to Brazil for the Rio Carnival. In 1997, Fiorentina was top of the table when he left. However, by the time he came back, the club dropped down to the third position.

8). Javier Saviola

2005, Barcelona Youngster Javier Saviola was eyed by many clubs due to his phenomenal talent. He was taken the football by storm. One of his offers by a certain club added a clause of agreeing to pay him €6k for every goal on top of his wages. Then manager, Rijkaard was enraged by this. He said on the media that, these offers will affect the player’s mentality and his decision-making in the match.

7). Spencer Prior

Spencer’s Prior stint with Cardiff club handed him a strange clause. His Cardiff contract included clauses stipulating that Prior must fry sheep’s testicles with lemon and salt. Sheep’s brains with parsley, lemon, and salt. Lambs liver in its own blood. Didn’t get much detail, about why they added it, and what was the purpose.

6). Stefan Schwarz

In the early 2000s, space travel hit the millennials like a storm. Everyone who can afford was in line to go on an outer space trip. Although it was a long-term process and nothing was happening at the time, it was popularly believed that space travel would be made possible in the coming years. Shwarz’s Club in order to stop him added a clause that restricted him to travel into outer space.

5). Mario Balotelli

Lists like these are never completed without mentioning Mario Balotelli. The Italian was always booked for discipline issues. During his spell with Liverpool, Mario always finds himself a card or multiple bookings week after week. To prevent that, Liverpool added a clause in his contract. The clause suggests that the club will award him an additional £1m in bonus if he didn’t receive 3 red cards in a single season.

4). Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho loves to throw parties and outstanding performances week after week. However, his habit of indiscipline always causes him big bucks. The Brazilian megastar didn’t like to compensate his party for his own performances. hence, at age of 29, he moved back to Brazil. So much so that, in his move to Flamengo, Ronaldinho demanded that the club must allow him at least two night-outs every week. he then put this clause in his contract.

3). Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez was a genertaional talent. his goal-scoring ability was second to none. Remaining with Liverpool, he outscored Ronaldo and Messi for European Golden Boot. That shows the standard of the game he had in his prime. However, his biting always causes unwanted attention. His heroics against Chiellini weren’t really praiseworthy as he bite him. This result was a straight 5 match ban. When Barcelona bought him from Liverpool, The club added a clause in Suarez’s contract that restricted him from biting any player.

2). Guiseppe Reina

Words and clarity always go hand in hand. Well, that’s the case in the Guiseppe Reina and his then club. In 1996, Guiseppe Reina made his club put into a contract that they will build him a separate house every year he played for the club. The club agreed. However, After Reina’s tenure was over, the club offered him lego houses to fulfill the clause. They built the houses for him with lego sets. As Reina never mentioned the size and shape of the houses.

1). Anthony Martial

The cold boy from France was signed by Manchester United from Lyon. When the contract was binding, Lyon asked United to include a clause. The clause was United have to pay an extra £7.2 million bonus if the Frenchman went on to win the Ballon d’Or. Manchester United included the clause. However, with his performances in recent times, The clause was far away from triggering.