Worst Injuries in Cricket

There are no sports that don’t have any unfortunate memory. Although cricket looks like a safe and sound game, it is not true. Cricket is a dangerous game. There are some worst injuries in cricket also.

Many incidents are there when players get injured or unconscious. Sometimes, there may be deaths as happened in the past.

Worst Injuries in Cricket

Here is a list of those unfortunate cricketers who got serious injuries and bore the worst effect. Their careers were disturbed, and even their lives ended.

Phillip Hughes

The left-hander has played several matches and holds the record for being the youngest centurion in the test and also the youngest cricketer who scored centuries in both innings.

In 2014, while playing at Sydney Cricket Ground, he was struck on the neck by a bouncer. Soon, he got unconscious and died in the hospital. This incident left a mark on cricket as a dangerous game.

Darryn Randall

The South African coached Stirling Primary Schools. At the age of 32, he was playing a match between old selbornians and Fort Hare University. While trying to pull a short delivery, it struck the back of his head.

He was shifted to the hospital immediately, but he ended on the route. This accident also creates a sense of fear in cricket.

Raman Lamba

An Indian is also a part of this list. The all-rounder scored 22 centuries in the 87 matches he played. He became famous after scoring 312 runs in a single innings against Himachal Pradesh in domestic cricket.

In 1998, he was fielding in Bangladesh Cricket League when a ball hit on the temple. The internal bleeding caused him to get into a coma. He died after some time, leaving an unpleasant remark on the history of cricket.

Stuart Broad

The English Cricketer is one of the most successful bowlers for England in test cricket. Also, he can bat as well. In a match against India, he hooked consecutive fours.

In the same flow, he mistakenly edged the ball and broke his nose. He recovered after some time, but still, he senses horrible nightmares after that accident.

Ahmad Shehzad

The hugely talented Pakistani opener gets into trouble so many times, but the worst injury he faced was against New Zealand in a 2014 test series.

Shahzad was batting at 176 when he tried to play a pull shot against a bouncer of Corey Anderson. He missed that, and the ball hit him on his head. The ball fell on the wickets, getting him out.

There is a fracture in his skull. Although he recovered later, this injury had a critical effect on his performance and career.

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