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wwe biggest rivalries


Top 10 Biggest Rivalries Of All Times In WWE

Rivalries in WWE have given a new theme to the wrestling world as people love to see their favorites coming in front of each other. WWE rivalries are famous all across the globe and these anticipated fights always bring a great revenue to the organization. Below are the complete details about the biggest and most famous rivalries of all times in WWE.

wwe biggest rivalries

Top 10 WWE Biggest Rivalries Of All Times

According to the recent official updates by WWE, there are 2 new shows to be added in the list. The contract deal with the broadcaster A&E have been extended to include these shows, WWE Rivals and the other one is WWE Smack Talk. In the Rivals, Freddie Prinze Jr will host the round table discussion to discuss the most famous rivalries. The top ones of the WWE are following.

10 – Hardy Boyz vs Edge

Hardy Boyz are the most famous tag team of the wrestling currently appearing in AEW. Moreover, there are many competition in which they feature their huge talent. Especially, they won WWE tag team championship for 12 times. Their toughest rival is Edge. The two provided a great amusement to the fans as the fierce competition earned great PPV sales and bring a great revenue to WWE. In the tag team competitions, these two have given a new turn to the industry. Thus, they are one of the greatest rivals in the industry.

9 – Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage

Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage is one of the legendary rivalry in WWE as well as WCW. Both were great friends in the beginning and then their rivalry started which created a great impact over the wrestling world. These two came across each other multiple times and provided amazing fights to the fans.

After a long rivalry, Hogan and Savage came across each other again at WrestleMania 5 as it is one of the most anticipated title clash. The Macho Man faced a crushing defeat as Hogan became able to regain the WWE title.

8 – John Cena vs CM Punk

John Cena is again present in the list as he achieved some great success WWE. Thus, his career is full of rivals as Punk is next into the list. Both wrestlers started their rivalry in 2011 but it found its importance in WWE very soon. John Cena vs CM Punk faced each other in many big events and gave such a thrilling stuff to the viewers that prove their arch rivalry. The rivalry ended with the departure of Punk in 2014. However, the matches and the hot moments between the two still find their way among the top WWE moments.

7 – Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant

Hogan vs Andre rivalry started as Bobby Heenan manipulated Andre after the wrestler had faced a crushing defeat against Hulk. Thus, the jealousy became the cause of their rivalry. Before that, both were very good friends and spent their early career together.

Booth rivals met each other at WrestleMania 3 where the record crowd of 93,173 fans came to see this epic fight. Afterwards, both stars faced each other many times in the ring including WrestleMania 4 and many other big events. Thus, the rivalry made an important place in WWE.

6 – Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels

The heat of becoming the best burned the fire of rivalry between these two wrestling stars in 1990. In the era, when the top giants have dominated the WWE world, both tried their best to be the part of party. Thus, both wrestled each other at WrestleMania 12. After a breath-taking fight, Michael dominated and became the new champion while Hart disappeared from the screen for 6 months.

From that fight, their rivalry started and it grew as much as possible. Both stars troll each other on and off the screen. Thus, they set the new standard of the rivalry in WWE.

5 – Steve Austin vs The Rock

Austin and Rock spent the same era in WWE. Due to their exceptional talent, both were the top choice of industry and only one could be the world champion at that time. This put the root to their rivalry. Austin is famous for his quick fire ass kicks while Rock has the ability to get into the position rapidly to defend and attack at the same time.

Both fighters have faced each other for three times at big WrestleMania epics. Their rivalry caused the full housing of Arena. Moreover, TV rights coverage and rating touched the record mark.

4 – The Undertaker vs Kane

This rivalry has created a great shock over the sports fans as the 2 siblings went against each other for their career. Kane made his WWE debut under the guidance of Paul Bearer and went on achieving success in the ring. At WrestleMania 14, both brother came across each other. Although Kane had done his all efforts to win the match but The Undertaker dominated his younger sibling with a Tombstone piledriver for the win.

Moreover, there are many fights in which both brother clashed each other and their rivalry turned into an important chapter of WWE history.

3 – Steve Austin vs Mr. McMahon

This rivalry is one of the greatest among all the other famous rivalries. Austin being aggressive in nature want to change the things his own way. He wanted the complete change in the structure of the industry to make competitions more fierce although it may take a much longer time.

While the other side, McMahon wanted to make contracts with the new talent to make more money into his account. Thus, a rivalry started between these two and is still going over the course of the years.

2 – John Cena vs Edge

John Cena and Edge need no introduction as both wrestlers earned a great name in the world for wrestling more than a decade. In their aggression, both have provided such great matches to the sports lovers that will ever remain in their minds. Both stars have delivered such great fights in their rivalry which created a great impact over the popularity of brand.

Backlash2006John Cena
Backlash2007John Cena
No Way Out2009Edge

Moreover, both faced each other in 10 one-in-one matches. Edge won 3 fights while Reigns made his victory in the 7 matches.

1 – Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

No matter how many matches both wrestlers have fought, their rivalry is one of the greatest in the wrestling world. Both stars are currently signed with WWE and appeared under the SmackDown brand. Reign-Lesnar came in front of each other for 8 times. Reigns dominated his harsh rival after defeating him at Champion vs Champion Match, WrestleMania 38. Thus, he won 4 matches while 3 fights were dominated by Lesnar.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship, WrestleMania2015Seth Rollins
For No. 1 Contender for WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Fastlane2016Roman Reigns
Fatal 4-Way Match for WWE Universal Championship, SummerSlam2017Brock Lesnar
WWE Universal Championship, WrestleMania 342018Brock Lesnar
Steel Cage Match, WWE Universal Championship, WWE Greatest Royal Rumble2018Brock Lesnar
WWE Universal Championship, SummerSlam2018Roman Reigns
WWE Universal Championship, Crown Jewel2021Roman Reigns
Champion vs Champion Match, WrestleMania 382022Roman Reigns

Lesnar and Reigns will fight against each other again in 2022 as Brock is coming back to WWE.

All these are the details about the top 10 WWE biggest rivalries of all times. Further updates will be available here. Stay tuned for more updates.

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