Top 15 WWE Superstars Who Support Football Clubs | Past And Present

WWE is a leading Wrestling promotion brand since the 20th Century. The company Run by Mr. Micman employs several superstars like John Cena, Rock, and Triple H. Like WWE, WWE superstars enjoyed worldwide fame. Football is the biggest and most famous sports Industry. Fans of this global sport also appear to be in WWE. From Triple H to Sheamus, Every WWE star from past or present has a favorite football team. Here are some of the Famous WWE Superstars Support Football Clubs.

Apart from these stars, WWE also sends a Customized WWE championship belt to the winner of the Premier League to show their support and affection for football.

15 WWE Superstars Support Football Clubs

1). Sheamus – Liverpool FC

The Celtic Warrior is a longtime fan of Liverpool and has made frequent visits to Anfield in the past. Sheamus is the most vocal supporter of the Premier League among WWE superstars. He is, as seen above, also a fan of Glasgow Celtic.

2). Drew McIntyre – Rangers

WWE’s first-ever British world champion, the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ Drew McIntyre pledges his allegiance to Rangers. After years of disappointment for both McIntyre and Rangers, silverware and accolades are finally in both of their lives. McIntyre finally won the WWE Championship in 2020, while Rangers look set to be crowned Scottish champions in 2022.

3). Dolph Ziggler – Aston Villa

Former NXT champion Dolph Ziggler might have superficial reasons for supporting Aston Villa but at least he has reasons. “Obviously Aston Villa is my new favorite team purely based on Jack Grealish’s brilliant great hair,” Ziggler wrote on Twitter. “I think we both deserve the title.”

4). Braun Strowman – Leicester City

Just like Braun Strowman, Leicester City cannot be ignored in any title race. However, Both are stripped from the top and struggling to realm the top support.

5). Kofi Kingston – West Ham United

Kofi Kingston supports West Ham United, the team that also draws the admiration of WWE legend Triple H. Like Kofi Mania, David Moyes will try his best to achieve the same feat at Europa league.

6). Matt Riddle – Arsenal

from RKBRO to WWE raw tag team champion, Riddle is a huge admirer of Arsenal. Although you have to be pretty laid back to support Arsenal with a smile on your face these days, and the WWE has just the man in the form of Matt Riddle.

7). Jeff Hardy – Everton

The Charismatic Enigma and perennial underdog Jeff Hardy fittingly back the Toffees. However, both far from there glory days.

8. King Corbin – Manchester United

If anyone can draw more heat than Manchester United it is WWE’s, King Corbin. Corbin’s beloved Kansas City Chiefs came up short in their Super Bowl defense, and he will be hoping for more from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men.

9. Apollo Crews – Chelsea

Apollo Crews will be quite happy with the upturn in Chelsea’s fortunes under Thomas Tuchel.

10). Cesaro – Manchester City

Probably the best in the world is a statement that applied to both Cesaro and the Premier League team he backs, Manchester City.

11). Finn Balor – Tottenham Hotspur

The Princ of the WWE, Finn Balor spends his days back in NXT these days as the experienced killer with a chip on his shoulder and a two-time NXT Champion but uses time away from kicking people silly by watching Spurs to relax.

Watching Tottenham is hardly ‘relaxing’ these days, but it sure is entertaining to see what kind of unpredictability Conte can muster up

12). Rey Mysterio – Real Madrid

2006 Royal Rumble winner and just about everyone’s favorite wrestler, it’s strange knowing that Rey Mysterio is a fan of one of football’s most vilified clubs. For all their success, Los Blancos are the opposite of the underdogs, which is exactly what Mysterio has made a career on.

13). Triple H – West Ham

Creator of NXT and everyone’s favorite heel in the early 2000s, you’d be guilty of thinking Triple H has no affiliations with the way he hands out commemorative title belts to sports teams for fun. That’s not the case, though. The Game is a huge fan of none other than David Moyes’ West Ham.

14). Batista – West Ham

2005 And 5 times WWE Champion, Batista is a fan of West Ham United. Now Hollywood superstar is very vocal about his support for the club. Batista’s feature film The walking dead is the most-watched film on Netflix.

15). Sasha Banks & Bayley – Arsenal

Representing north London, Bayley and Sasha Banks have endured an on-off relationship as they’ve risen through the ranks together at WWE, but bond over Arsenal.