WWE SuperStars Who Played For NFL Teams | How Much They Earn With NFL Contracts?

WWE SuperStars Played NFL

One sportsperson becoming the part of another sport is not a rare incident of sports history. There are many examples clearly showing some golfers becoming footballers and cricketers. Same as many mixed martial artists turned WWE wrestlers. However, it is not easy to believe that some known wrestlers also became the part of other sports as World Wrestling Entertainment is best famous for its huge payouts. Here are the complete details about top 10 most popular WWE superstars who played for NFL teams during their career.

1 – Roman Reigns: Minnesota Vikings

One of the biggest name of WWE history Roman Reigns has started his professional wrestling career in 2010 when he signed the contract. However, he appeared in National Football League in 2007, playing offseason with Minnesota Vikings. Later on, he was released from the team due to his blood disease Leukaemia. Reigns also signed the contract with Jacksonville Jaguars of NFL but haven’t played a single game for them. But, he was an amazing footballer as he became defensive player of year at one occasion during his college career.

2 – Brock Lesnar: Minnesota Vikings

Former MMA fighter who appeared in Ultimate Fighting Championship, is currently holding an expensive contract with the largest wrestling promotion in the world. Brock Lesnar is pretty much popular for his strong physique and is very dynamic inside the ring. There is also something surprising for his fans that he also appeared in NFL in 2004, playing as Defensive tackle for Minnesota Vikings. He had successful career in professional football until his accident in 2007.

3 – Brian Pillman: Cincinnati Bengals

The late American professional remained the part of World Wrestling Entertainment between the years 1989 to 1996. He was among the most dangerous wrestler of that time and has the ability to change his position quickly inside the ring. That’s why, he is also very much successful during his American Football career. Brian Pillman joined Cincinnati Bengals of NFL in 1984 and has also played 1985 season but with Buffalo Bulls.

4 – Lex Luger: Green Bay Packers

One of the biggest challenger of WWE history Lex Luger is also present in the list of wrestlers who played in NFL. Luger retired from his professional wrestling career in WWE in 1995. However, he remained the part of other promotions until 2007. But all this started when his career ended with Green Bay Packers of the National Football League in 1985.

5 – Mojo Rawley: Green Bay Packers

The winner of seven-time WWE 24/7 Championship Mojo Rawley is one of the most successful wrestler during his tenure at World Wrestling Entertainment. He is best famous for his unstoppable punches and solid defence. Before starting his professional wrestling career, Mojo Rawley has played in NFL. He became the part of Green Bay Packers in 2009 and then moved to Arizona Cardinals in 2010 for offseason practices.

6 – Ron Simmons: Cleveland Browns

During his professional career at WWE, Ron Simmons (also known for the real name Faarooq Asaad) has won the WWF Tag Team Championship at 3 occasions. Based on his brilliant performance, he was inducted to WWE Hall Of Fame. Not only played in wrestling promotion, Simmons also appeared in NFL in 1981 and 1982. He was picked by Cleveland Browns and performed as Defensive Tackle.

7 – Baron Corbin: Indianapolis Colts

Currently performing under the Raw Brand in WWE, Baron Corbin joined the largest wrestling promotion in 2012 where he performed in NXT until 2016. He is also one of the highest paid professional and performed exceptionally well. But he also remained the part of National Football League in 2009. He remained the part of Indianapolis Colts, where he played good hands as an Offensive guard.

8 – Marcus Cor Von: Buffalo Bills

The retired professional wrestler from America has been the part of NFL in the past, where he represented Buffalo Bills. He also played in Super Bowl XXVIII game for his team but couldn’t make them win the contest. However, he was the wrestler with exceptional skills and abilities to win the match. Famous for the nickname “The Alpha Male”, Marcus Cor Von wrestled in WWE on its ECW brand. Moreover, he also remained the part of other promotions.

9 – Bill Goldberg: Los Angeles Rams

Having played in National Football league as defensive tackle in the years 1990 and 1991, Bill Goldberg is also one of the most popular wrestler who has millions of followers across the globe. He started his professional career in NFL with Los Angeles Rams and has performed quite magnificently. Moreover, he also became the practice member squad of another NFL team Carolina Panthers.

10 – John Layfield: Los Angeles Raiders

It is surprising to see John Layfield in the list of wwe wrestlers who played for NFL teams, but he is also an outstanding footballer since the beginning of his career. He played American Football at college level and then entered NFL in 1990 after being selected by Los Angeles Raiders before joining the wrestling promotion in 1992. Layfield played football as an Right tackle during amateur career. But unfortunately, he was dropped by the team before starting of the season. Later on, he joined WWE.

All these are the details about the top 10 most popular WWE superstars who played for NFL teams. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!