Top 5 WWE Wrestlers Turned Actors | Dwayne Johnson Is The Highest Paid Actor In Movies

WWE Wrestlers Turned Actors

Professional wrestling is one of the toughest sport ever in the world. Wrestling is an entertainment and the wrestlers pocket a huge amount as their income. However some don’t find this perfect to their taste. That’s why they move to some other sports or different fields. The foremost transition of the wrestlers is that they move to the films and serials. Here is a list of some famous WWE wrestlers who turned actors after ending up with their wrestling career.

5 Famous WWE Wrestlers Turned Actors

Dwayne Johnson (Central Intelligence, Rampage) | The famous American actor wrestled for WWE for about eight years and spent a good career. Due to his incredible skill, he widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers. After achieving success in wrestling, he moved to Hollywood and is now the most active and highest paying actor. His first successful film came in 2011 and it was Fast Five. Johnson’s film crossed $3.5 billion gross revenue in North America and over $10.5 billion worldwide.

Steve Austin (Grown Ups 2, The Package) | Famous for his nickname Stone Cold, he got extreme fame from his professional wrestling career. Besides grabbing money from the sports, he moved to the TV industry and gave the world a lot of entertaining films. Austin has played role in a number of films. His famous ones are Recoil and Tactical Forces.

John Cena (Bumblebee) | The greatest name of the wrestling world also became actor after spending a beautiful and successful career in the ring. He moved to the film industry and made his debut in 2006 with a movie The Marine. Cena’s most famous movie is the suicide squad.

Hulk Hogan (Spy Hard) | Better known for his nickname, Hogan also have an incredible wrestling career as he made wonderful achievements in his career. He was the most popular wrestling star of 1980’s. Then he moved to the film industry. The famous movies in which he played his role are Spy Hard, 3 Ninjas.

Ronda Rousey (Expendables 3) | The professional wrestler from America is also a mixed martial artist. Moreover she is showing her class and beauty in the film industry also. Rousey made her debut in films through the 3rd edition of the Expendables series. She also has been a part of many serials. Currently Ronda Rousey is one of the top paid wrestler and actress.

These are the most famous WWE wrestlers who also made their name in the film and TV industry. The list is far more long. We will update the list if any other famous wrestler will turn actor or actress.

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